May 18, 2010

Helloooo readers!

So Caitlin and I are now back in New York City, where we’ll be spending the bulk of the summer together. But for the moment, I’m still in the process of getting around to all the blog posts I’ve been accumulating from my last few weeks in Toronto. Eventually I’ll catch up, I swear.

All belatedness aside, today I have a very special kitchen creation to share with you all: Gumborritos! If the etymology doesn’t make it clear enough, these are a cross between gumbo and burritos—specifically, burritos with a gumbo filling. I’m proud to say that I came up with this mash-up idea all by myself, and from what I can tell from some quick Googling, I may just be the first one to do so. At the very least, I’m the first one to come up with the name “Gumborrito”, and that’s good enough for me.

Okay, but coming up with a tasty dinner idea is one thing—actually making it into a tasty reality is quite another. My basic tack was to find a solid gumbo recipe and then mix that with some buckwheat groats to form my burrito filling. For my gumbo, I turned to Susan V. at Fat Free Vegan, whose Southern credentials I knew would provide me with an excellent soup. I chose her recipe for Sweet Potato, Okra, & Chickpea Gumbo, and let me tell you—this made for one BIG pot of gumbo.

Seriously, I filled the biggest pot in my house right to brim with vegetables, beans, vegetables, broth, and vegetables. Here it is close up:

That’s not very clear, so here is a spoonful close up:

If these pictures don’t make it obvious enough, this gumbo was delicious. Which was good, since I still had lots leftover after I made my burritos, which I heartily enjoyed on its own. But back to the burritos. As I said, all I did was mix some of the gumbo with buckwheat and then plopped some of that down into a tortilla, topped with some Sriracha chili sauce:

Then I just folded it up, fried it a bit, and dug in! Here is the final product, sliced open:

So how did my gumborritos end up? Well, they were certainly very tasty, but the filling was a little too mushy and formless to really work as a burrito. Maybe that’s why no one has ever tried this before. But with a little tweaking, I’m confident that a quality gumborrito can be made. And for a first step, this was a good dinner!

Until we eat again,



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