Jacksonville, pt. 2: Desserts!

May 6, 2010

Hello friends!

For the second installment in my Jacksonville travel (b)log series, I’m dedicating this entire post to all the lovely desserts I ate while in Florida. My two friends (whom I was visiting, in case you don’t remember) are fantastic bakers, and put their kitchen skills to work to create delicious dessert after delicious dessert.

The first dessert was awaiting me upon my arrival in Jacksonville, being made beforehand by (Jacksonville) Caitlin:

That’s Blueberry Crisp, folks, made from local Florida blueberries! This was fantastic, and that’s coming from me—someone who does not consider himself a berry person by any means.

The second dessert of my visit was something I had in fact tried before, but definitely delicious enough to eat again (and again and again):

That’s Carrot Cake with Maple Icing, à la Happy Herbivore’s stupendous recipe! This wonderful treat was made my friend Ellie, who is a baking powerhouse (she also made me some vegan cookies, which I somehow neglected to photograph—and by ‘neglected’ I mean ‘instantly devoured before the thought of taking a picture crossed my mind’). When Caitlin made me this earlier this year, we had them in cupcake form, but it turns out that the recipe works just as well as a cake!

The final dessert of my trip was another delicious treat from (Jacksonville) Caitlin:

These are Supernatural Brownies, courtesy this recipe from the New York Times, of all places. These were super rich and super super good. I really could not get enough of them.

So with so many amazing dessert options, how did I choose between them, you ask? I didn’t:

I love vacation. Thanks again to (Jacksonville) Caitlin and Ellie for making my tummy very very happy all week.

Until we eat again,



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