Sacred Chow, Again (PLUS A Pinkberry Surprise!)

May 3, 2010

Hi everybody!

While I was last in NYC, Caitlin and I met up with one of my Toronto roommates and his boyfriend, who were visiting the city at the same time I was there! It was fun to have the opportunity to show them around, and it also gave us the chance to take them to some of our favorite restaurants. And so, for brunch/lunch, we went to the Sacred Chow, a place both Caitlin and I have much enjoyed before. What delights did this visit offer us? Plenty! Let’s begin…

We started off with a nice little Olive Dip platter with toasted crostini. Sacred Chow’s dips and pates are all delicious, and even for me—someone who is not an olive lover by any means—this dip was very good. Admittedly, it doesn’t beat out their Sunflower Seed & Lentil Pate, but I don’t know what could.

We also got beers while we ate; mine was this nice Blue Point Toasted Lager. Sacred Chow’s beer and wine list is all sustainable, Kosher, and Vegan, with many drinks also being organic and local, which is always nice to see.

As for main courses, Caitlin and I split this Shredded Tofu Spa Salad Hero, which was basically a delicious tofu salad sandwich, filled with tasty dill-y goodness. Mmmmm… dill…

Our other main course came from Sacred Chow’s brunch menu: an Italian Frittata—that is, a rolled-up tofu omelet filled with Sicilian tomato sauce. This was good, but I wasn’t in love with it. I think all the tofu and vegan cheese was just too much for me. However, you see those sauteed greens peeking out in the background? Absolutely delicious!

My roommate’s meal, which I did not try but did snap a picture of, what another brunch item: Tempeh Hash, or as they describe it, “crumbled seasoned tempeh with hash browned sweet potatoes and browned onions, topped with diced fresh tomatoes and parsley”. It sure looked and sounded good, and from what I could tell from my roommate’s reception, it tasted good too!

And that was my second (Caitlin’s third?) visit to Sacred Chow. This restaurant still rates high in my book, although I admit that I enjoyed our first visit here more I think. However, the menu is so large and diverse that I’m sure I’ll be tempted to come back again soon, especially seeing as I will be living in NY this summer, and taking classes mere blocks away from this place.

Finally, at the end of our day, Caitlin surprised me by taking me to Pinkberry (warning: site will play horrible music at you, extolling the virtues of frozen yogurt—but bonus points to them for fitting the words “succulent mango” into a song). This was my first time going to this little frozen yogurt joint, and Caitlin and I shared a tasty little cup of their original yogurt with lots of tasty toppings:

Our toppings included mochi, dark chocolate crisps, honey roasted sunflower seeds, and “succulent” mango. This was a great combination, and I really liked how yogurt-y the dessert was—nice and tangy, and not too sweet. I will look forward to coming back here again over the summer as well!

Oh boy. I’ve just realized how fat this summer is going to make me. Deliciously, deliciously fat.

Until we eat again,



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  1. Oh you guys TOTALLY held back on the frozen yogurt! Shame!

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