Holy Mole!

April 19, 2010

Hi all!

After I arrived Saturday night (only about 40 minutes late), Caitlin and I made our way back to her place in Brooklyn, where she had some delicious food ready for me. What, you ask? This!

It may not look like much, but this little bowl of steamed veggies and mole sauce was superb! The mole (recipe from Veganomicon) was definitely the star of the show, but deservedly so. It was great great great! We enjoyed these vegetables alongside some homemade tortilla chips and the rest of my Suzie’s Spelt Flat Breads:

By the way, I really liked these Flat Bread crackers and all their seed-y goodness. I also had a bottle of this Harpoon Celtic Ale with my meal:

I liked it! And for dessert, Caitlin and I shared the rest of the coconut bread she made the night before:

This dessert was so good it’s ridiculous. As soon I as tried it, I understood why only a third of the original loaf remained from the night before—once you try it, you never want to stop eating it.

(Also, in case you were wondering how my other travel treats turned out the other day, the Late July cookies were not so good (dark chocolate just doesn’t work all that well in Oreo form), but the Ritter chocolate was very nice!)

Until we eat again,



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