Welcome Back to Greek Town!

April 15, 2010

While visiting Toronto, I simply cannot resist trying out some of the many Greek options on the Danforth. This time, we stopped in at Ouzeri. (Warning: dramatic Greek music awaits on the other end of this link)

Knowing that when it comes to Greek cuisine, our best experiences tend to be with appetizers, we mostly stuck to the first section of the menu.

We begin with the triple combo of (top to bottom) skordalia, tirosalata and tzatziki. The tzatziki was super creamy and delicious, the tirosalata was not my favorite (but I am not really a fan of red peppers) and the skordalia was really tasty and perfectly spiced.

Now, this is the stuff. As you can see, I was so excited to find vegetarian grape leaves (with more tzatziki) that I completely forgot to take a picture before digging in! Seriously amazing.

Simple and fresh tasting, the baked feta had great presentation, sizzling its way to the table.

The stuffed eggplant was sweet and tomato-y and very nice.

After stuffing ourselves with these Greek delights, we moved on to dessert!

Light and spicy apple pastry! And, drumroll please…

BAKLAVA! This is honestly some of the best baklava I have ever eaten and I would head back to Ouzeri for this alone.

On the atmosphere: very warm, cozy and inviting! The waitstaff was pleasant and attentive (though, understandably, the service did slow considerably as the restaurant became more crowded).

If light vegetarian mezes are your game, Ouzeri is great option. While I may have had better (and slightly more affordable) dips at other Greek eateries, Ouzeri has a fantastic volume and variety of choices.

Until We Eat Again,



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