Hakka Hakka Hakka: A Restaurant Review

April 11, 2010

This post may require an introductory explanation. Hakka cuisine is a style of Southeastern Chinese cooking. For me, Hakka is simply a synonym for delicious. When last in Toronto, Willie and I stopped in at the Danforth Dragon located, perhaps surprisingly, perhaps unsurprisingly, on the Danforth.

Even before our arrival, I  was sure of one thing on the menu I couldn’t resist trying: Fried Paneer with Green Chutney. The crust on the paneer was perfect and the tasty little triangles were not greasy in the slightest. The chutney was paired perfectly with the subtle taste of the paneer.

After making sure we got a seat with proper lighting, our lunch choices were Vegetable Balls with Manchurian sauce and Hakka Chow Mein.

Without a doubt, I need to recreate these in my own kitchen and then make them as often as possible. Now, the balls are very similar to okonomiyaki, so I’m pretty sure I could replicate them with ease. The real trick will be the utterly amazing and moderately spicy red sauce. Maybe with a positive review, the proprietor would be willing to share her culinary secrets… A girl can only hope…

Though this Chow Mein was average to good on the flavor scale, I appreciated that it was pretty well packed with veggies and that the noodles tasted quite fresh.

What’s the verdict on the Danforth Dragon?

Among the long strand of Greek eateries on the Danforth sits an unexpected Asian treat. Just remember to request that your dishes be made MSG-Free. Yes, you have to request. If that ain’t authenticity, I don’t know what is.

Until We Eat Again,



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