Chili Willie

April 8, 2010

Happy Thursday everyone!

Remember the other day when I raved about Happy Herbivore’s Fat-Free Raw Chili recipe, which I used as a pizza sauce? Well, her recipe made way more chili than could ever fit on a single pie, so I had plenty leftover to enjoy on its own. And guess what? It’s great that way too!

Of course, no chili can be properly enjoyed without some chips or crackers to eat it with, so I picked up some special accompaniments for this dinner. The first: Blue Corn Food Should Taste Good Chips!

I love Food Should Taste Good chips. Not only do they promote a sound culinary maxim, they also make good on said maxim: their food does taste good. Some of my favorite varieties of theirs include their Multigrain, Cinnamon, and Chocolate flavors. These Blue Corn chips are new (or so the package tells me) and unfortunately they didn’t stand out that much from their standard tortilla chips for me. Which isn’t such a bad thing, of course; their standard tortilla chips are delicious.

My other chili companion was this PitaBreak Spelt Flatbread, which I picked up at my local grocer. These were basically just really big and round crackers, but they were very good, and went very well with the chili.

And this is what my dinner looked like. Simple, but delicious—as leftovers should be.

Until we eat again,



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