A Tale of Two (Untraditional) Pizzas

April 7, 2010

Yo yo yo!

Today, I’m bringing you the tale of my weekend pizza adventure (i.e. the night I made some pizzas over the weekend). It’s been a long time since I’ve made pizza at home, and this time I decided to switch it up by making some not so ordinary pies. Of course, veg*n pizzas are never all that ordinary, so I had to go out of my way to make them even more unusual. I think I succeeded.

Here are my pies before they went in the oven. I wasn’t feeling so adventurous as to make my own pizza crusts, which probably in hindsight would’ve been better, but I was so busy preparing all the toppings that I was glad not to have the added stress of slapping together some pizza dough. Anyway, the pizza of the left is a chili pizza and the one on the right is a hummus pizza! Intrigued? Let me tell you more…

So this is the chili pizza after it’d been baked. For the chili, I used Happy Herbivore’s recent Fat-Free Raw Chili recipe, which really was a treat. It’s made just using vegetables and some liquids/sauces, but it still has a scrumptious chili taste, AND it made for a wonderful pizza sauce (even if baking it did take away from its raw-ness). On top are simply some yellow peppers and onions, with a little nutritional yeast for good measure. But the chili really spoke for itself—it made the pizza into the wonderfully delectable pizza it was.

And this is the hummus pizza, all nice and baked. The hummus was a homemade concoction of mine, made without any particular recipe in hand, for better or for worse (I think for worse). It’s radical green color comes from the abundance of chives I threw in there, but all the other ingredients were standard: chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, oil, water, and some spices. On top, along with yellow peppers and onions, I also added some sundried tomatoes, which were a really nice addition. However, this pie was definitely not as good as the chili one: the hummus just wasn’t up to snuff. I’ve made hummus pizza before and really liked it, but I should’ve been more careful with the hummus I was making this time.

All in all though, these pizzas made for a really nice dinner (and some much anticipated leftovers!). And I’m excited to make some more wacky pizzas (and maybe even some with my own homemade crusts!) in the near future.

Until we eat again,




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