Do You Know The Muffin Man…

April 4, 2010

Good morning!

Muffins are pretty wonderful, aren’t they? I’m quite the lover of all things muffin, though I never get around to making enough of them myself. But this weekend I was able to find a little bit of downtime to make a quick batch of cornbread muffins.

I used the same cornbread recipe that I always use; it’s just so good I never want to make (or eat, for that matter) anything else! And I’m not sure, but this might’ve been the first time I’ve tried making them in muffin trays. At any rate, the results were fantastic, as I expected.

Oh yeah, there’s one more fun thing about these muffins. Maybe you couldn’t tell from the first two photos, but check this out:

Yes, that’s right: these were special make-you-into-a-giant cornbread muffins! Okay, not really. But they were cornbread mini-muffins, and that’s almost just as exciting, right?! It was for me, anyway, but perhaps because this was also my first time to try out my mini-muffin tray. Needless to say, I was very satisfied. But who wouldn’t be, when they have 25 cornbread mini-muffins sitting in front of them?

And that’s all I have to say for today! Hope you enjoyed my muffin shenanigans!

Until we eat again,



One comment

  1. I was just wondering yesterday if you ever used that mini muffin tray…they look oishii desu.

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