How To Celebrate When Your Oven Suddenly Starts Working (Or, When Avocado and Brownie Collide!)

March 26, 2010

Dear readers,

Some of you may remember how in the past I’ve complained remarked that the oven in my kitchen hasn’t been working. A few days ago, however, it seemingly miraculously started working again. I have no idea why, but that really doesn’t matter. What matters is that I can now bake, roast, and broil whatever I want, whenever I want (at least until the oven mysteriously stops working again, knock on wood). I decided to celebrate the occasion by making a recent recipe from Hangry Pants: Avocado Brownies!

Wow! These brownies were good, and easy to make as well! I’m typically not much of a baker, but even I was able to come out with a nice little tray of tasty goodness. One of the best parts of these brownies was definitely how gooey and cakey they were, especially right out of the oven. Also, in case you are wondering, they don’t really taste like avocado at all. But that’s probably a good thing, despite how much I love avocados otherwise.

N.B. I did make a couple small changes to Heather’s recipe:

  1. I subbed in carob powder for the cocoa powder (this was probably the most significant change).
  2. I didn’t have very much whole wheat pastry flour left, so I topped up the cup with white flour.
  3. I needed to use much more milk than 2 tbsp to create the batter.
  4. My brownies needed to bake for 25 minutes before they were done, although given the state my oven’s been in for the past several months, I wouldn’t take that as indicative of anything.

Overall, this was a great recipe in every way—thanks, Heather! Now you all go out and try them as well!

Until we eat again,



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