Utopia, Ontario

March 16, 2010

Good morn, my little foodies!

I have safely made my way up North to the lovely and currently sunny Toronto! This visit is my longest yet, so be prepared for many delicious posts to come.

First stop, a little cafe in which we dined on my first night here: Cafe Utopia.

You may remember that our first foray into the Canadian poutine tradition was raw, tasty and live. This incarnation was quite different, and undoubtedly closer to the original. Perfectly crispy steak fries covered in a savoury mushroom gravy and cheese curds. Sounds a little like heaven in a basket, no?

On to the entrées! The white bean and tofu quesadilla was delightful, even though I’m not really used to eating masses of melted cheese anymore. Though it was a little soggy, I’m pretty sure it was the result of the food coming out too quickly for us to completely inhale that basket of poutine.

As some of you may already know, Greek food is one of my great culinary loves. Honestly, I could practically write a romance novel about Greek food and I. (Insert inappropriate Tracy Jordan quote here and replace “cornbread” with “Greek food”) Now, this vegetarian souvlaki may not have been traditionally Greek, but it was pretty good. I was a little unsure of the soy protein they use as the souvlaki meat, as I am about most meat substitutes, but it was cooked very nicely and had a smoky taste to it. It was the pita and the barbecue and tzatziki sauces that really did it for me. While Utopia’s tzatziki didn’t quite rival Dumont Burger‘s or Mezes‘, it definitely ranks high for me and the barbecue was wonderfully tangy! They may skimped on the tomato, but I didn’t mind so much considering tomatoes are way out of season, perhaps cucumbers would have been a nice addition?

On the side, we had two, very smooth local beers. I had the KLB raspberry wheat beer (nearest in the photo) and Willie had an ale, the name of which is currently escaping me… The KLB was amazing (and not very fruity at all). I don’t think I have drunk a beer as quickly since Poland, it was just that delicious!

Final verdict?

Without a doubt, I want to go back. They have plenty of vegetarian options (many of which could easily be veganized). Mostly, I want to go back for their starters. Almost all of their appetizers are vegetarian and they all look delicious.

Utopia Cafe is a perfect spot for hanging out with good beer, good conversation and a great selection of casual, veg-friendly eats.

Until We Eat Again,



One comment

  1. Peanut butter and I probably have the makings of a three-volume Harlequin.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Toronto–I’ve been hankering to go there for awhile. The food all looks delicious.

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