Two Ways To Get Your Gochujang On

March 13, 2010

Hi everybody!

So remember a little while ago, when I extolled the joys of Korean gochujang? Well, consider this post part two of that exaltation. Today, I bring you two more wonderful and delicious ways to use gochujang. The first? Gochujang infused burritos!

Burritos are a silly thing to photograph, aren’t they? What you’re really interested in is what’s inside this puppy. I’ll let you in on the secret…

Still not clear? Fair enough. I did sort of make this burrito recipe up myself. Here’s what the filling looked like before it got put inside:

This here is a Korean-Mexican fusion of sorts, an idea I got from two of Closet Cooking’s recent posts (which inform me that Korean-Mexican taco trucks are all the rage in California). For my attempt at this appetizing combination, I fried up a can of black beans with some onions and red peppers, and matched all that alongside some Korean BBQ Tofu (from the batch I made a few nights before). In addition, I threw a grain in there as well, but instead of the more traditional rice, I used buckwheat, which was an amazingly good—and tasty!—idea. Add in a little lettuce and some spicy sriracha sauce, and you get what I’m calling a Korean B.B.T. Burrito (for beans, buckwheat, & tofu). And let me tell you: this was De. Li. Cious. Honestly, I really hope that (veg*n) Korean-Mexican restaurants start popping up everywhere from now on, or at least wherever I happen to be. This is a cuisine combination that everyone needs to try.

So that’s one way to put your gochujang to good use. Here’s another, slightly less complicated way:

This is just a bowl of steamed green beans and broccoli, topped with a Korean twist on my classic MAN (Miso-Agave-Nutbutter) Sauce. All I did was sub in gochujang for the miso, and voila!—a delicious “GAN Sauce” that can easily be prepared in just minutes. Obviously, this packs more heat than the normal MAN Sauce, but in my opinion, at least, that’s a good thing.

So those are two ways I’ve found to enjoy gochujang even more. I’m sure I’ll be experimenting more with it in the future, and I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I do.

Until we eat again,



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