Granola Tofu

March 12, 2010

What do you get when you combine baked tofu with crushed granola?

If you answered “kitchen fun times with Willie”, you are correct! But another acceptable answer is “a wacky and delicious dinner experiment”.

So yes, the tofu you see above is baked tofu rolled beforehand in crushed Nature’s Path Hemp Plus granola. I got the idea for this from Vegan Dad’s recent recipe for Crispy Cajun Tofu Sticks, which recommended coating tofu in crushed cereal. But seeing as granola was what was on sale last week, I decided to use that instead, and strangely enough, it worked.

One obvious problem is that I wasn’t able to get a very even coating. Perhaps I just wasn’t using enough granola; I’m not sure. However, this did work well enough, and provided a nice little crunch and sweetness to the already delicious tofu.

I put these tofu sticks to what I thought was the perfect use—on top of a bowl of Sweet Potato Curry. Did you know that sweet potatoes make curry even more amazing? They do. All in all, this was an awesome dish, packed full of all sorts of exciting flavors. What more can I say? I was a happy diner.


Until we eat again,



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