Restaurant Review: Candle Cafe

February 16, 2010

Hiya! We’re back with another NYC restaurant review, this time from Candle Cafe in the Upper East Side. Caitlin and I met my parents here for lunch on Monday, and enjoyed a tasty, inventive, and colorful meal! Here it is, course by course:

Appetizer #1: Tortilla Soup

One of the daily specials, this tortilla soup was full of nice tomato flavor with a spicy kick and corn chip slivers on top. This was a nice way to start the meal for me!

Appetizer #2: Yucca Croquette

Another one of the daily specials, this yucca croquette was nice and creamy on the inside with a wonderful lightly fried exterior, served on top of a tasty red pepper sauce. It was really nice, although a little hard to share among four!

Appetizer #3: Nori Rolls

This appetizer plate was much easier to share! These were fairly standard sushi rolls with tofu and avocado inside. They were good (as were the dipping sauce, ginger, and wasabi), but not spectacular. I still enjoyed them very much.

Beverage: Amazon Mania Smoothie

Candle Cafe was a large list of smoothies and other drinks on their menu, but the one that caught my eye was this “Amazon Mania”: a mix of acai, apple, and banana. This was very good and very refreshing.

Entree #1: Crunchy Sprout Salad

This salad was filled with more types of sprouts that I could identify. It was really good, although I was a little disappointed in my choice of Creamy Pumpkin dressing (it just wasn’t the flavor I was hoping for). The one downside about this salad for me was that I had to eat it with a fork. I know that sounds spoiled, but I’m really bad at eating salads with forks since I only use chopsticks nowadays, and this salad especially would’ve been infinitely more enjoyable to eat with chopsticks in my opinion. But that’s just a small grumble. And they might’ve even had chopsticks to give me if I had asked.

Entree #2: Chipotle Grilled Tofu

This formidable tower of vegan-y goodness featured a bed of quinoa and chard on the bottom, an avocado somewhere in the middle, and two perfectly grilled pieces of tofu on top, garnished with some delicious pineapple salsa. This was probably the most impressive dish I tried. It was super flavorful, nicely varied, and different. Thumbs up!

Entree #3: Beet Salad

This Beet Salad was actually my mom’s entree, and I didn’t get to try it. She seemed to like it though. I mean, look at it—it’s clearly delicious.

Dessert #1: Vanilla Rice Pudding

And this cute little glass was my mom’s dessert, which I also didn’t get to try, but which I also feel fairly confident in assuming was delicious.

Dessert #2: Mexican Chocolate Cake with Cinnamon Ice Cream

This was the dessert Caitlin and I shared, and it was deliciously decadent. I think the “Mexican” of the “Mexican Chocolate” got lost somewhere though—this cake wasn’t spicy at all! Nonetheless, I loved the combination of rich chocolate and cinnamon ice cream. Delish!

And that was our bountiful lunch at Candle Cafe. Overall, I think Caitlin and I agreed that the thing we liked most about the restaurant was how colorful all the dishes were. Usually, I’m not too swayed by presentation, but the kitchen at Candle Cafe really give you something to look at and appreciate before you bite in. Of course, once you bite in you get even more to enjoy, since all of these dishes were super delicious.

The only downside to Candle Cafe in my opinion is the price, but what more can you expect from the Upper East Side? I wouldn’t call it overpriced, just expensive. Besides that, Candle Cafe gets high marks all around! Check them out sometime if you’re in the area!

Until we eat again,


One comment

  1. Hi!
    I think “Mexican Chocolate” very frequently only means cinnamon and chocolate these days. Which is both a little odd and a lot cheating, but chocolate + cinnamon = one of my very favorite combinations so I won’t complain much about terms.
    Your meal looked delicious!

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