From T.O. to N.Y.

February 14, 2010

Hi everybody!

I’m now in New York City with Caitlin, happily enjoying my week-long February break from school. New York is much pleasanter weather-wise than T.O. (although strangely more snow-covered!), and I’m very much looking forward to the exciting plans we have for the week to come. But for the time being, I want to play some blog-catchup and fill you in on some of the foods I’ve recently being enjoying.

First, I have an original creation to share: Mashed Rutabaga!

So one of the things I like about my semi-frequent excursions to NYC (besides from the time they afford me with Caitlin, of course!) is that they force me to go through my fridge and make sure I’m not leaving behind any perishables to, well, perish while I’m gone. And sometimes this demand leads to some pleasant leftover concoctions. Case in point: this bowl of mashed rutabaga. I had half of a big ol’ rutabaga lying in my crisper (left over from my Creamy Root Vegetable Soup) and needed to figure out something to do with it. So I figure I’d give mashing it a shot, and thankfully it worked out really well! All I did was dice my rutabaga, boiled it until soft, and then mashed it just like mashed potatoes, adding in some soymilk, Earth Balance margarine, salt, and rosemary. The flavor was very nice in the end, much closer to pumpkin or squash than potatoes. I enjoyed it with a tasty broccoli and buckwheat Veggie Bowl:

Moving on… One Friday night I left for New York. My snack for the ride was this dark chocolate bar from Macasure:

As the brand name suggests, this chocolate bar is fortified with maca, that Peruvian superfood that’s all the rage these days in the health food community. Although I’m a little skeptical about how much healthier the maca this chocolate bar, I actually liked the subtle extra grindiness it added, and it didn’t take away anything from the tasty chocolate-y flavor in my opinion. Thumbs up!

Early Saturday morning I arrived in New York, still a little drowsy from my less-than-serene sleep on the bus. But I safely made my way to Caitlin’s apartment nonetheless, and early that afternoon we shared a wonderful lunch. Part One: this delicious salad!

This salad features massaged kale with grated carrots, beets, jicama, and turnips, and some pepitas to top it off. This was really really good, and also a little different from the salads I usually make, and so a nice change of pace. Along with this, we also had some sandwiches:

These are no-meat meatloaf sandwiches served on Black Russian bread, with a little bit of marmite and margarine spread on. These were also super tasty, and they included a lot of flavors I had never tried before!

For dinner last night, we put together two dishes from what was lying around Caitlin’s kitchen and pantry, and did so to much success in my opinion. The main course was Ramen Soup:

This soup just used your classic, 19 cent ramen noodles, but the addition of fresh and frozen veggies, edamame, and spices made this a very pleasant bowl. And besides, cheap ramen noodles aren’t bad to begin with. Alongside this, we had some homemade Foule with matzohs:

This fava bean dip was very tasty and a breeze to prepare (we made our version by combining these two recipes from RecipeZaar). Also, I thought it went really well with the matzoh. But I was also just really craving matzoh for some reason, so maybe my opinion was a little biased.

Finally, Caitlin and I have also been noshing on this awesome box of fancy Lindt “Petits Desserts” chocolate that my parents sent me for Valentine’s Day. They’re basically just tiny chocolate versions of fancy European desserts. Check it out:

So far, we’ve tried the Millefeuille, Meringue, and Lemon Tart chocolates, and all of them have been amazingly delicious. I can’t wait to eat our way through the rest of them.

And that brings us to today, which is both Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year, which means that our day will be spent with lots of fireworks, festivities, and maybe even a romantic dinner (?!). Check back here soon to read all about it.

Until we eat again,



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