Blogging From a Bus!

January 25, 2010

Hi all!

My quick trip to NYC and Caitlin really flew by, and I’m already on my way back to Toronto. Fortunately, since I’m riding on a Wifi-equipped bus, I can blog all about my visit now! So get ready—it was super delicious!


My bus arrived in NYC Saturday evening (only thirty minutes late!), and on our way back to Brooklyn, Caitlin and I picked up some ingredients for the night’s meal: Barbecue Tofu & Buffalo Edamame with Kale & Avocado Salad! This was all amazingly good.

Caitlin’s been perfecting the Barbecue and Buffalo recipes, and I think she’s got it down! (I also think she might be posting it later this week, so check back!) It’s quite spicy, which is something I don’t usually expect from Caitlin’s cooking, but I definitely appreciated the change of style—although my mouth was burning towards the end! Thankfully, we had something good to wash it all down:

That’s a bottle of Magic Hat’s “Circus Boy” The Hefeweizen. Caitlin likes Magic Hat and I like hefeweizen, so it seemed like a good choice, and it was! And in case you want a close-up of this meal’s other superstar, here it is:

It still amazes me how salads are always so good.


Sunday morning, after a nice night of sleeping in, Caitlin made a delectable brunch offering: Kabocha Oats!

This dish is basically exactly what its name suggests: rolled oats with kabocha chunks mixed in! In addition, it was cooked with rice milk, and I added some flaxseed meal, wheat germ, and peanut butter to my bowl! Oats have really been a favorite of mine this year, and this was a great way to start the morning.

In the afternoon, Caitlin made cupcakes:

These are Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Maple Icing, made with the help of Happy Herbivore’s recipe! These cupcakes were out of this world—super sweet and super tasty! And the icing is to die for, as well. I really like it when Caitlin bakes things for me, since (a) I’m a fairly lousy baker, and (b) my oven in Toronto is currently broken. I was able to take one of these tasty treats with me on my trip today, as well, and it provided a sweet pick-me-up in my afternoon!

For dinner, we collaborated on another amazing meal! It started with a side/starter of Tofu Pasta Salad:

This salad was quick and easy to assemble, and very yummy to eat. It consisted of vegetable pasta shells with some tofu, frozen broccoli, and spinach on top, with a ginger/Balsamic vinegar/Bragg’s sauce on top of all that. It was very nice. After that, we proceeded to the main course: Vegan Haggis.

Now in my opinion, this is just a supremely delicious vegan loaf and needn’t be associated with that carnivorous monstrosity that is the national dish of Scotland, but if you want to hear more about the inspiration, go here to Swell Vegan to hear her story (which is quite good, actually) and get this amazing recipe for yourself! Seriously, this is very very good, and while I am unable to compare it to the real thing (and hope never to be), I think it’s fit to be any country’s national dish. I’d certainly eat it with pride, at least. I also found that it went well with some BBQ sauce and hot sauce mixed in:

But it was perfectly fine on its own, as well.

And that was my short trip to NYC! I got on my bus early this morning, and should arrive back in Toronto sometime this evening. Talk to you all soon.

Until we eat again,



  1. You know, I thought that the cupcakes themselves weren’t too sweet at all and could even be great muffins. The icing however was crazy sweet. So maybe you were talking about the icing/cupcake combo being super sweet, but I thought I might check/clarify that the cupcakes would definitely not send you into a diabetic coma…

    • Correction accepted.

  2. […] of you may remember how in the past I’ve complained remarked that the oven in my kitchen hasn’t been working. A few days […]

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