Well Hellooo, Dhal-ly!

January 23, 2010

Hi everybody!

That was possibly the best blog post title I’ve ever come up with. But the recipe that was its inspiration wasn’t half bad, either. In fact, it was delectable. Based on one of VeganDad’s recipes, this dhal dish is easy to make and delicious to eat. I did make some changes, though, which were as follows:

  • I used probably around 2 cups of water, rather than 1 and 1/2. When I was first cooking the lentils, it looked like there wasn’t going to be enough water (the onions took up a good amount of space in the pot) and so I hastily added some extra to assist with the cooking process. However, with the added liquid of the tomato and the spice mixture later on, this dhal turned out really soupy. But I was fine with that! It was really nice to have a soupy dhal for a change.
  • I left out the curry leaves, because I didn’t have any, and it didn’t seem to make any difference, although I’m sure this would be even more delicious with them in there.
  • Finally, instead of vegetable oil, I used coconut oil for the spice mixture at the end. I think this was definitely an awesome decision (and healthier too, right?), and I would highly recommend doing it if you decide to make this recipe.
  • Actually, one more note: I definitely agree with VeganDad that this recipe should be doubled. As it is, it makes two servings at best. And even when doubled, none of the ingredients amounts are all that high.

And if you can’t tell from the picture, I ate this with a piece of (store-bought) naan bread and some buckwheat (not exactly your traditional basmati, but nutritious and delicious nonetheless!).

By the way—I’m blogging from a bus! A Megabus, more specifically, and one which is taking me to New York City and my beloved Caitlin as I speak, er, type! As Caitlin mentioned in her last post below (scroll down if you didn’t already see it!), this weekend should give me plenty to blog about, which you’ll all see soon. I may even blog about it on my bus ride back!

Until we eat again,




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