Welcome to Greek Town

January 22, 2010

So, during my last visit to TO, Willie took me out to a lovely little restaurant in Greek Town called Mezes. This may have taken place quite a while ago, but looking back through the pictures to upload, I can vividly remember how wonderful the food was.

For our “mezes,” we began with a sample platter of delicious types of mush, that is, hummus (good), Melitzanosalata, aka babaganoush (very good), Tzatziki (sooooo goood…), and Tirokafteri. I had never even heard of Tirokafteri before this dinner, but I am very glad I was introduced. It is a blend of Feta, hot peppers and yogurt and it rocked my world almost as much as the Tzatziki did.

Oh, yeah it also came with this delicious pita.

I guess I should warn you now that we wholeheartedly upheld the Greek tradition of eating a lot and trying as much as we could. Above you will find our second indulgence: a plate of pites. Specifically, we had Spanakopita, Tirokafteropita and Pantzaropita (with beets!). Highly recommended.

After all these mezes, we decided to split an entree:

Moussaka! (with salad, rice and potatoes) I loved the moussaka, thought the taters were quite good, the salad pretty standard, but tasty. As for the rice… I’m pretty sure it was Uncle Ben’s, or something like it… It wasn’t very good. 😦 Otherwise, the meal was amazing.

I was understandably pretty full after this meal and was beginning to feel a little lethargic, but we had so much to do after dinner that I knew I needed a pick me up.

I wish all coffee tasted like Greek coffee.

In short, go to Mezes.

We then headed to Downtown TO for their version of light-up night, the Cavalcade of Lights!

It was fabulous and pretty and not too cold! Of course, the entertainment was somewhat strange… It began with some local musicians playing Toronto’s theme song… A very strange song that I am inclined to believe was written shortly before it was performed… They were opening for that guy from Barenaked Ladies. No. The other guy.

Later, I had my first experience with real Karaoke in private rooms with snacks and drinks (which we did not partake in, maybe next time).

Here is Willie rocking out. I’m not sure what he was singing at the time, but it was definitely after I belted out a song from the Buffy musical (yeah, that’s right.) but before we had our Pat Benatar duet.

Well, I must leave you all now and begin preparing for Willie’s visit tomorrow! And, don’t worry, you can expect at least three more posts from me withing the next couple days, and then, hopefully, Willie will be able to report back on his visit.

Until We Eat Again,




  1. I love this picture of me. That’s exactly how I look when singing karaoke.

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  3. […] game, Ouzeri is great option. While I may have had better (and slightly more affordable) dips at other Greek eateries, Ouzeri has a fantastic volume and variety of […]

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