Hat Trick

January 17, 2010

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today was a wonderful day for cooking, for me at least! I had time to prepare three delicious dishes over the course of the day. First off, today’s breakfast—Three Grain Cereal!

Remember yesterday when I talked about wanting to cook my way through 3 Bowls‘s breakfast chapter? Well I got one step closer today! This breakfast cereal features three grains: Quinoa, Millet, and Farina (AKA Cream of Wheat). I was a little skeptical at first about how quinoa would work in a hot cereal, but it was incredible! This dish is so so flavorful, despite its nondescript gray mush appearance. I topped it off with some bananas, soymilk, and flaxseed, and enjoyed a very pleasant start to my day.

Later I made yet another Indian dish for dinner (now that I’m writing this, I’m realizing that today was very much a repeat of yesterday). The dish of choice: Potato Mushroom Curry!

Like yesterday’s dish, the recipe for tonight also came courtesy of VeganDad. It was very easy to make and had lots of good flavors. One thing I would change is to use 1 tomato instead of 2 though; all the tomato in my dish really took away from the spices. Nonetheless, I happily chowed down on a big bowl of this for dinner, enjoyed alongside a side of Naan bread (store-bought, not homemade—or even better, Caitlin-made—unfortunately):

Last but not least, I made an absolutely scrumptious dessert to end the night—Coconut Black Rice Pudding!

I first tried this while I was home for the holidays (courtesy of my mom’s preparation), and it was so good I had to making it myself. (The recipe can be found here, although that recipe is actually based on this one here.) Fortunately, it’s very easy; all you need is time (and some cheesecloth to make a cute little bag of spices!). But more importantly, it is super super tasty. I am amazed black rice makes such a good pudding. And the mango just makes it all the more delectable.

With all the cooking I did this weekend, I’m going to have plenty of leftovers to work my way through this week. This means I probably won’t be blogging about any new meals this week. However, next weekend I will leaving Toronto for a short trip to NYC to see Caitlin, and that should bring with plenty of exciting eats! Talk to you soon.

Until we eat again,



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