If I Blog Twice in One Day, It’s Just Because I Love You All So Much

January 16, 2010

…and because I made Indian food.

Hi all! I was so excited by how tonight’s dinner turned out that I thought I’d share it with you all right away! What you see above is Indian Kale & Moong Dal, made with the help of a stellar recipe courtesy of VeganDad. (Actually, the original recipe is Indian Kale & Split Peas, but I think my substitution did no harm.)

As much as I love Indian food, it’s always been a bit of a personal stumbling block for me in the kitchen. I’ve tried many times before, with many many disappointments. I just could never get my dishes to taste like the ones in restaurants. But tonight’s dish came close. I’ve never really had anything just like this before, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but the spice combination was very nice and the vegetables blended very well with each other. It’s a fairly straightforward recipe and doesn’t even call for too many ingredients. The only downside was that it yielded a little less than I was hoping (I’m probably only going to get two servings out of the recipe). But besides from that, this recipe was super!

There will be more Indian food in the very near future for me, so check back for more updates!

Until we eat again,



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  1. […] thanks primarily to Vegan Dad’s recent string of astounding Indian recipes. I’ve blogged about the great success I’ve had with several of his other recipes in the past, and today I’m here to bring you yet another success […]

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