Some of This Week’s Many Eats

January 11, 2010

Dear Caitlin et al,

Although classes only started this past Monday, it already feels like the semester is going in full force. That’s my excuse for not posting in a few days, anyway. However, I have been doing my fair share of cooking, and so here’s a quick tour through the many concoctions I concocted this week.

First up, a new round of Vimbits, carrot cake style!

I based these off this recent recipe from Soap & Chocolate, making the following minor changes: substituted cashews for the walnuts, omitted the ground ginger and ground cloves, added 1 tbsp of flaxseed meal and 2 tbsp of coconut oil. Overall, these were a good batch of Vimbits, but I think next time I try to make a carrot cake flavor I’ll make them even simpler, omitting the raisins and the nutmeg, and possibly trying a different mixture of nuts.

Next up, Musroom Barley Miso Soup!

This was made following a recipe from my go-to fave cookbook, 3 Bowls. I’ve made this recipe before, and I’m sure I’ll make it again someday, because it was good before, it’s good now, and I’m sure it’ll be good in the future. One change I want to try next time I make it, though: leave out the canola oil. The soup really doesn’t need it, and I’m sure it’d be fine with vegetable broth or maybe even just water.

Let’s see, what’s next… Oh yeah! Cashew Ricotta Collard Wraps!

These little guys were assembled with the guidance of Gena’s great and simple recipe; inside there was a generous helping of cashew ricotta, carrots, and tomatoes! I love love love using collard greens as a wrap—I never knew they were so perfect! I just need to find some leaves that are a little bigger…

At some point this week I also made a very large batch of Hearty Five Grain Porridge!

This recipe is also from 3 Bowls, and it features an all-star cast of rolled oats, brown rice, barley, bulgur, and millet! It’s delightful by itself, but I’ve been experimenting with different add-in combinations. This morning I think I found the perfect mix: bananas, milk, a little bit of maple syrup, flaxseed meal, and a nice dollop of nut butter. Okay, it’s a little extravagant, but too me it’s “just right”!

Moving on, the other night I made a big batch of wild rice:

This was my first time making this funny-looking grain. I hate hate hated the smell of it while it’s cooking (it was like seaweed), but I was pleased to discover that the taste carried none of its olfactory aromas. In fact, this rice was really delicious! And it provided the perfect foundation for one my classic Veggie Bowls:

What you see there is broccoli and green beans, topped with some MAN sauce (Miso-Agave-Nutbutter) and sesame seeds. In my book, that translates as: absolutely delectable!

Finally, I have one last dinner to share: Zucchini Alfredo!

This was made with the help of Gena’s fantastic alfredo sauce recipe and, of course, my new spiralizer! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so full and satisfied from a raw dinner before!

And that was, more or less, my week! Hope you enjoyed it!

Until we eat again,



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