All Roads Lead to Veggie Heaven

January 10, 2010

‘Sup internet (and Willie).

Question: Remember when I wrote that Thanksgiving post over a month ago and it was subtitled “part one?” Well, I wasn’t going for a History of the World: Part One kind of thing, I really was intending on writing a second post, in which I would review a very nice Toronto restaurant. This is not that post. I just thought I’d remind you that it is still forthcoming. 🙂

This post will profile a different restaurant. Veggie Heaven, situated in Upper Montclair New Jersey, is a perennial favourite of mine. I believe it is the first veg*n restaurant I ever frequented and I’m still coming back. (I have also been to their other location and, though also very good, it is quite different!)

Today, my sister took me out to lunch for my birthday and the original plan was to eat at Udipi Village (also in Montclair) but, apparently, this restaurant has gone kaput. 😦 Anyway, unsurprisingly, our alternate destination was my old fave VH.

Our entrees were the house special vege chicken (top left) and the roast duck with vege delight (bottom right). My sis, who had never eaten faux meat before, was not totally up to the challenge of eating much of the “chicken” in her dish, but liked everything else in the dish. I thought the sauce it came in was a lovely sweet and tangy flavour. My dish was the roast duck and I was crazy about the texture of the “duck” and the veggies were perfect, two kinds of mushrooms, baby corn, peas and broccoli. (Don’t worry, I managed to fight the urge to pull a Josh Baskin on the baby corn!)*

As I am wont to repeat, what is a birthday celebration without cake and macaroni art and here were our cake selections:

My sister chose the chocolate cake, a good iteration with a great sauce, and I chose the green tea cake. I was really excited about the green tea cake because I love the mild tea flavour and sweet-but-not-too-sweet sugariness of green tea desserts. Highly recc’d!

Conclusion: If you are ever in North Jersey, this is probably some of the best veg*n eats you will find. You should want to go to there. 🙂

Oh, and I promise to finish up that TO restaurant review within the next few days. If I do not, feel free to toss rotten tomatoes at me when I pass you on the street. Just make sure that as you do it you shout: “Why don’t you update the blog, eh? Gawrsh!”

*In case you need the cliff notes on that reference:

Until We Eat Again,



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