Our First Days of The New Year (and cupcakes!)

January 4, 2010

Hi all, and Happy New Year!

As my winter term of classes fast approaches, I thought I’d share what happened food-wise during my last couple days in New York City with Caitlin! First up, for dinner on Friday night, Caitlin and I went out to local Brooklyn hotspot Dumont Burger and got ourselves lots of delicious food. Before food, though, we got some beers:

Caitlin’s, in back, was Hoegaarden; mine, in front, was Lagunitas IPA. I enjoyed mine very much, and I think Caitlin felt the same about hers. Next up, we got their appetizer special, Cauliflower Soup!

This was an extremely tasty appetizer, although it really just tasted like blended cauliflower with a dollop of curry butter added on top. I loved every spoonful of it. Next up, our main courses…

This was their Chickpea/Falafel Burger, complete with tzatziki sauce, pickles, and onion rings. This was quite good all around. And alongside that…

…Dumont Burger’s famed Mac & Cheese, known as DuMac & Cheese! This was super creamy and super tasty, and well worth the reputation. Finally, we had a special little dessert: a head-sized cookie!

Okay, so it wasn’t quite the size of a head, but it was big and gooey and a wonderful way to wrap up the meal! Dumont Burger gets high grades in my book, although the lack of other vegetarian options on its menu probably won’t have me running back anytime soon.

Saturday, Caitlin and I were back in the kitchen, full force. The day started off with some breakfast muffin makin’:

These are Chai Tea Breakfast Muffins, made from a recipe we found on VegWeb. These were great! I loved getting to mix chai tea in with the muffin batter, and the oats and bananas just made it all the better! For those of you interested in trying the recipe for yourselves, note that Caitlin (in her infinite wisdom) added a little bit of baking soda and vinegar to the batter to make the muffins less dense, a complaint on some of the VegWeb comments. We didn’t have a control group to compare our variation with, but judging just by how our batch turned out, I’d say it was a good addition!

Later that afternoon, we made a quick little dinner before I had to leave to catch my bus back to Toronto. The main course was Mabo Dofu:

We made this following Soap & Chocolate’s recent recipe, and while it did not turn out as soupy as traditional Mabo Dofu (perhaps we used too much tofu?), it was nonetheless totally delicious. I happily ate mine all up! Alongside this, we had a nice side of Beet Soup/Borscht/Barszcz:

The soup was just made from one of Caitlin’s Polish soup packets, and we through in some potatoes and parsnips to hearten it up a bit. While I can’t say I like this variety nearly as much as White Borscht or some of their other flavors, I will say that beets are slowly but surely growing on me, and this soup was not at all bad.

We also picked up some weird Korean juice from Mr. Kiwi’s, the grocer near Caitlin’s apartment that supplied all our other ingredients for the night. It was their Guava Taste flavor:

I was not such a fan of this, and Caitlin said it wasn’t as good as the other flavor she tried, but it was interesting. The weird thing about these juices is that they’re chunky. I’m not quite sure what they’re chunky with, though…

Finally, as promised in this post’s title, I do have some cupcakes to share. I made these last night, in celebration of Caitlin 23rd birthday. Unfortunately, they were, more or less, a complete disaster. I won’t go into all the gooey details, but I will say that: (a) I probably wouldn’t’ve made them at all if I knew before I had started mixing ingredients that our oven is no longer working; (b) cupcakes are not so easily made in a toaster oven; and (c) I was only able to come out with two cupcakes in the end. Here they are:

I know they don’t look like much, but they actually taste fairly good! They are Carob Zucchini Cupcakes, made with the help of this recipe. And don’t worry—although these were the only two cupcake-shaped cupcakes I was able to eke out, I didn’t get rid of the many failures, instead opting to mash them all together into a pile of yummy cake mix, which I will be delightfully eating over the next few days. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Caitlin! I’m sorry I’m not much of a baker.

Until we eat again,




  1. Oooo, chai tea muffins!

    Also, when I saw “cupcakes” in this blog title, I was realllyyyyy hoping that you two went to Sweet Avenue Bakery, b/c they have the most amazing cupcakes ever: http://sweetavenuebakeshop.com/ Next time you guys come Jersey-side, you should check it out. 🙂

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  3. […] of you may remember how in the past I’ve complained remarked that the oven in my kitchen hasn’t been working. A […]

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