23: A birthday of delicious proportions

January 4, 2010

Good Morning, Blogosphere!

The first day of my twenty-third year is winding down and I thought I would reflect on the eats since they were particularly exciting.

To celebrate, my parents drove into town and, after ending up among warehouses in Brooklyn, they finally made it to Sacred Chow. If you are a continuing reader, you may remember that Willie and I visited this spot in the village a few months ago. I had to go back. The sunflower lentil pate was calling me.

It should be noted that my parents are enthusiastic meat eaters and I was a little nervous bringing them to a fine vegan establishment such as SC, but, you know, it was my birthday lunch…

We began with tapas:

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, the lighting was not optimal for food photography! Anyways, From the top: sunflower lentil pate, roasted black olive seitan and the Indonesian roasted tempeh. So, you already know the first on the list is one of my faves, but, surprisingly, my mother liked it! If you knew my how my mother eats, you would be surprised as well, trust me.

Seitan generally doesn’t usually get high scores in my book, and this dish was a little peppery for my taste, but my father chose this one as his favourite. Now Willie, you may not be a big black olive fan, but I really think you would like this one! (It doesn’t much taste like olives.) You might have to give this one a shot next time we drop in!

Tempeh is very quickly growing on me and is close to deposing tofu as my top protein, so no big surprise that I loved this roasted tempeh. My dad said it all when he described it as “like nothing he had ever eaten.”

Now, on to the main events:

Left to right: Mama’s soy meatballs, tempeh reuben and banana bread french toast. I imagine for those who know my fam, it isn’t hard to guess who ordered what…

My dad ordered the meatball sub and loved it. I ordered the tempeh reuben, probably my favourite sandwich of all time AND I must say that this incarnation beats the tempeh reuben from Angelica Kitchen. I know, GASP! My mother ordered the sweets. BOTH of the ‘rents loved this one, and I must make banana bread french toast more often. It smelled like heaven on a plate.

You may be thinking, reader, “What’s a birthday without cake and macaroni art.” My response is simply: “Not much of a birthday, my friend.”

When I saw this recipe for marble cake on Diet, Dessert and Dogs, I knew I had to try it and that it would be a perfect birthday cake for me. I was a little nervous seeing as I had never made marble cake from scratch before… (of course, I never had qualms about making chocolate cake with beets in it for some reason)

I love the way the chocolate swirls turned out! Quite sweet and a fabulous accompaniment to a cup o’tea!

Well, I made sure to take care of the cake, but unfortunately made no macaroni art this year… I guess we will have to make up for it on Willie’s birthday. I will have glitter glue at the ready.

In other exciting news, this blog post comes to you courtesy of a brand new netbook! I have very quickly fallen in love with Willie’s Christmas/Birthday gift to me and I am adjusting fast to ubuntu! (Pictures of me having fun with ubuntu forthcoming)

Until We Eat Again,




  1. It’s beautiful! I love the way your design turned out, both on top and inside. Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

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