The Last Few Days of 2009

December 31, 2009

Dear readers,

Happy New Year’s Eve! As this year winds to a close, I thought I’d share some of the things Caitlin and I have been eating up here in upstate New York. First, a breakfast…

These were some Oatmeal Pancakes, made using the recipe from the 3 Bowls cookbook. These are awesome pancakes—really hearty and flavorful! I give them an A++!

Next up, some photos from our family dinner at Karavalli, a South Indian restaurant in Latham, New York. Here are the appetizers:

The top photo is their Samosa platter, with a cup of deliciously fragrant Cardamom Tea on the left. Below that is their Madras Tiffin appetizer sampler, featuring a Madras Dosa (the long crepe), Iddli (the steamed rice and lentil cakes on the right), Medhu Vada (lentil fritters that look more like fried mini-doughnuts), and various chutneys. All delish!

Following this, Caitlin and I shared two entrees…

The top dish is Kundapur Vegetables, which as they describe it is “vegetables cooked with coconut milk and dry red chilies, tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds.” As I describe, it’s delicious. The bottom dish is Avial Malabar, which was “green bananas, yams, beans, drum stick, carrot, eggplant and squash tempered with curry leaves and mustard in a medium spicy coconut and yogurt sauce.” It was also tasty.

Quick side note: You may have noticed that among the ingredients in the Avail dish was something called a “drumstick”. Much to both Caitlin’s and my surprise, a drumstick is a vegetable! It has an inedible rind that you break open and eat the “fruit” inside, sort of like what you do with artichoke leaves or edamame pods. Check out this Wikipedia article if you are interested in learning more about drumsticks.

Last but not least, our homemade dinner from last night…

Pierogi! We served both potato, onion, & cheese and fruit pierogi, and they were both big hits. Caitlin was in control of all the recipe-ing, but she basically followed the recipe she posted here a while back. We also made a delicious side of White Borscht Soup:

And that brings us to today, December 31! Maybe, just maybe, I’ll try to squeeze in one final blog post for 2009 before the ball drops tonight, but I don’t know. We have a bus ride back to NYC this afternoon, and with the wintry mix going on outside right now, and the madness that is sure to be going on in the city today, I’m not sure when we’ll be getting back to Brooklyn. So here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year now!

Until we eat again,



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