Counting Down…

December 31, 2009

I’ve got just enough time for one last post before 2010 is here! And in celebration, I’m going to blog about the special New Year’s Eve dinner Caitlin and I had tonight! And by special, I mean take-out from Zefe’s, the nearby Mexican restaurant! Here we go…

To start off, we split some vegetarian tacos and tostadas. These were super good, especially because of their abundant use of cotilla cheese. If you haven’t had cotilla before, I highly recommend it (and this is coming from a guy who’s not that much of a cheese fan). Caitlin correctly describes it as “Mexican mozzarella.” Of course, I love mozzarella, so it was a fairly easy sell for me.

For the main course, we split some flautas: fried cheese wraps with rice and beans on the side. These were also delicious. So I highly recommend Zefe’s, and I’m already excited about the next time we can order from them!

Now that dinner is done, Caitlin and I are just waiting around for the year to turn, sitting on the couch, watching Syfy’s Twilight Zone marathon, and letting Brody fall asleep on me…

…and then falling asleep under him…

Happy New Year!

Until we eat again (in 2010!),




  1. Happy New Year to both of you! Yours has to be the cutest blog title I’ve ever encountered 😉 And Brody is adorable, too!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, Caitlin, and for reading! And I’d be remiss if I didn’t welcome Willie to Toronto-I’m a former U of T grad student, too (so I know you will survive).

    And Happy Birthday! 🙂

  2. […] flautas (which I forgot to take a picture of this time, but looked very similar to how they did before). I just love this place so […]

  3. […] they sort of look like flutes (hence the name). Until now, though, the only flautas I ever ate were the excellent ones made at Zefe’s, our local round-the-corner Mexican eatery. But last week, I thought it would be fun to see if I […]

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