‘Twas The Night Before Christmas…

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

At my house, Christmas Eve is the day for our special holiday meal. Christmas Day also usually includes some festive dining, but Christmas Eve is really the main event. This year was no different, and I helped prepare some of our dishes. Here is an overview…

Wild Rice & Barley with Pomegranate Seeds

This was my mom’s contribution—a delicious side! (She got the recipe from here.)

Please Bring Us Some Figgy Brussels Sprouts

Careful readers will remember Caitlin making this not too long ago; the recipe comes originally from Zesty Cook.

Apple Chutney

A repeat recipe from our Thanksgiving dinner, but one definitely worth the repeat. Original recipe from Closet Cooking.

The Lord Is My Shepherd’s Pie

The main event was left to me, and this Shepherd’s Pie recipe from Happyveganface did not disappoint in the least. And if you ever make this recipe yourself, I’d highly recommend adding some fresh rosemary to the mashed potatoes!


An oat-y cornbread courtesy of my dad (and the recipe in the wonderful 3 Bowls cookbook).

We also had some of this excellent red wine, which I always thoroughly enjoy.

All together, these dishes made for a wonderful plate:

I love Christmas. I hope you enjoy your Christmas (or other holiday celebrations) as well!

Until we eat again,



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