‘Tis the Season

December 24, 2009

Hi all,

I’m back, and here to share some of the wonderful food I’ve been making and eating since I returned home to upstate New York on Monday. First up: Green Potato Soup (recipe courtesy Vegan Dad)!

Now if you’re like me, the first time you read the name of the dish you thought, “What are green potatoes?” Don’t worry, there’s not some new potato variety that you haven’t ever heard of—you’re just parsing the name wrong. It’s “Green [Potato Soup]”, not “[Green Potato] Soup.” Oh, and it’s delicious! Seriously, this is one of the best soup recipes I’ve ever made! And it’s super simple! Perfect for a cold winter day.

Alongside this, I made some Raw Walnut and Mushroom Stuffing (recipe courtesy Choosing Raw):

This is a fun raw twist on one of my favorite Thanksgiving/Christmas dishes. It is very similar to traditional stuffing, but uses lots and lots of nuts to replace the bread. I can’t say that this beat out bread-based stuffing in my book, but it was really good. I think next time I make it I will not use so many walnuts, though, and replace some of them with almonds or maybe cashews. Still, all in all, it was good stuff(ing)!

Yesterday I did a little Christmas treat baking, attempting to make biscotti for the first time. Fortunately, it wasn’t a total disaster. The above photo is Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti (recipe courtesy of Closet Cooking), a good combination in my book. Here’s another look:

I don’t know if flax eggs were the best replacement in this recipe, but it was all I could manage with this recipe. The dough had a little bit of a difficulty coming together, but it the end it worked out. (I did have to make 3 instead of 2 flax eggs, though, to provide a little extra liquid.) The taste is subtle, not too sweet but definitely not bland. I think it will make a nice Christmas dessert, especially alongside some tea or cocoa.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what that box of biscotti is sitting atop, it’s an elephant:

Later last night, I made another batch of biscotti, this time Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti (recipe also courtesy of Closet Cooking, although it’s basically identical to the Chocolate Pistachio one). This recipe also turned out well, although the dough was much much stickier this time, and I don’t really know why.

Last night for dinner I had (among other things), a salad. Nothing much out of the ordinary here, but I decided to photograph it anyway:

Mostly, I wanted to blog out this salad so I could blog about the new salad dressing I picked up at the store: Drew’s All Natural Poppy Seed Dressing!

Although I generally prefer to make my own salad dressings, I wanted to lighten my food preparation workload some, and when I saw this neat looking, Vermont-based dressing, I couldn’t resist. And I’m glad I didn’t—it’s a mighty good dressing. Perhaps just a tad too heavy, but the flavor is wonderful. Thumbs up to you, Drew! (You can find out more about Drew here.)

And that’s all I have to report now. However, I’m currently in the middle of Christmas Eve dinner preparation, and I think I’ll have time to blog later tonight about what should be a wonderful holiday spread! So check back soon, and enjoy the holiday season!

Until we eat again,


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