Ready To Go!

December 15, 2009

Hello everybody,

So finals week is finally over for me, and tomorrow I leave Toronto to go see Caitlin in NYC to kick off my winter break! I hoping that this vacation will come with many more food adventures than the last few weeks have seen. I’m excited to finally have time again to cook, and the holidays are always a good time to try out some new and fun recipes.

Unfortunately, here in T.O. I’m in fridge-cleanout mode and my meals are nothing blogworthy. I am very happy to report, however, that I perfectly rationed out my salad greens and salad dressing so that I got through the last of both today! Hooray for no unnecessary food waste!

Also, as usual I’ve stocked up on a couple goodies for tomorrow’s long bus ride. I’ve haven’t tried these yet, but I thought I’d share anyway.

The two Larabars are Cocoa Coconut Chew and Peanut Butter—two flavors I have yet to try! The long bar on the right is another treat I’ve never tasted before: Theobroma Dark Chocolate with coconut chunks! Along with these, I’m going to make some nut butter sandwiches later night. Coconuts, peanuts, nut butter… it’s going to be a very nutty trip, indeed.

Caitlin and I will be blogging over the break about all our holiday excitement, so be sure to check back! And enjoy your holidays!

Until we eat again,



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