Thanksgiving in Canadia: Days the first and second

December 13, 2009

Hello Blogosphere!

Sorry it has been about forever and a day since my last post. Finals have been sort of killer… I am just about through with them however and I finally have some time to report back on my last visit to TO! This past visit was go go go and I got to see quite a few Toronto libraries! But, I’m sure you are here for the food, so, here we go!

My first night up in the great white north brought some Asian-inspired treats, namely, Okonomiyaki. Now, unlike Willie, I have not had the pleasure of trying this Japanese pancakey dish in its native land, but I thought this was fantastic! I’m pretty sure Willie agrees too! We veganized this recipe from Closet Cooking and I would highly recommend it, quick, simple and delicious! (Really we just left out the bacon and used flax eggs…)

The next day we bopped around the city a bit and stopped for lunch at a popular TO vegetarian spot, Fresh. I’m very sorry for the low quality pics, but I forgot my camera! These pictures are courtesy of Willie’s fancy phone:

Cornbread: very tasty and crumbly and the orange marmalade was quite nice!

So… I forgot what they called this, but it was basically salad on noodles…

My most favoritist way to eat a (veggie) burger ever: with lettuce, tomato, onion rings, barbecue sauce and garlic mayo.

I was pretty excited to see that they had lots of wheat grass drinks! This one was a mango wheat grass smoothie with peppermint. The flavour mix was surprisingly great and the mint made it quite a nice way to finish the meal.

After lunch we ran home to start preparing our Thanksgiving meal for the house. Since much of the eats were documented in his exciting preparation posts, I will post a picture of the spread and include the recipes in a list below!

Counterclockwise from bottom center:

Amazing Nut Loaf

(I made this again afterward for my fam and it is twice non-veg*n approved!)

Tasty Stuffing

Brussels Sprouts with cranberries

(This was the first time I have eaten non-roasted brussels, but they were pretty tasty)

The garlic bread is a simple method from Dreena Burton’s Eat, Drink and Be Vegan, which I can’t produce here, but it’s amazing and you should check it out. Now.

Somehow, I managed to miss taking pictures of the after-dinner treats but they were all quite good.

Medjool Date Pecan Pie – very sweet and not the prettiest, but the texture and taste was spot on!

Cornbread with jalapenos – this is our trusted vegan cornbread recipe (cutting down on the baking powder) with chopped jalapenos added.

Simple and delicious Banana bread



So that was my second Thanksgiving of the year celebrated north of the border! I will post on the third day a bit later since I still have some work to do tonight AND this post is already getting on the long side… So, Happy Monday everyone!

Until We East Again,



  1. Hey Caitlin,

    Sounds like a great Thanksgiving to me! 🙂 I’d love to do it all over again, actually. 😉

    So glad you and yours liked the nutroast! And your other goodies sound fantastic, too, especially those moon cakes (love ’em).

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  3. […] which is indeed extraordinary—so extraordinary, in fact, that it was also our main course in our American Thanksgiving in Canada dinner last year. This is probably the best vegan loaf recipe I’ve ever tried, so I’m always happy to […]

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