Mission: Get Caitlin Excited To Come Visit (Day 5)

November 25, 2009

Hi all,

Caitlin’s bus arrives tomorrow evening, so today is my last day of preparatory food preparation! I went out with a bang, making three dishes today, with varying degrees of success. I’ll start with the best: Thanksgiving Stuffing!

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a nice serving of (vegan) stuffing! I used my favorite, go-to stuffing recipe, which has the benefit of being both super easy to prepare and super delicious. This is really putting me in the holiday spirit, and getting me excited for Friday’s belated Thanksgiving bash! Here’s a close up:

Today I also finished off my last batch of Coconut Creme Pie Vimbits, so I made a new batch right away! This time I tried a new recipe idea: Pecan Pie Vimbits! I sorta messed up the amount of nuts I meant to use, but I don’t think this will be a big problem—judging by the leftover dough, these are gonna taste great! I’m excited to see how they shape up after being in the fridge overnight (I tried using a little less coconut oil this time). Check ’em out!

Last and most certainly least, I had quite the dessert disaster today in my attempt to make Medjool Date Pecan Pie. The crust I bought swelled up while baking, the topping mixture did not mix (partly my fault for not having/using an electric mixer, partly the recipe’s fault for not specifying that I should be using an electric mixer, as the original recipe did—I found this out too late), and ultimately I don’t think flax eggs were a good substitute for real eggs this time. All in all, it was such a disaster I couldn’t even bear to take a photo of it; it was just too embarrassing and unseemly to post on the internets. I’m not even sure if the final product will be salvageable for Friday’s dinner, but I’m waiting until it’s been in the fridge overnight to make the final call. I’m really bummed, since this was going to be the highlight of our Thanksgiving desserts, but I’m sure we’ll manage something! Right, Caitlin? Right?!

Anyhoo, there’s bound to be lots of excitement in the next few days; I’ll try to post a quick photo recap of our Thanksgiving dinner sometime this weekend, and make sure to check back for Caitlin’s summary post of her entire Toronto visit!

Until we eat again,


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