Mission: Get Caitlin Excited To Come Visit (Day 2)

November 23, 2009

Hi all,

Yesterday saw day two of my food preparations in anticipation of Caitlin’s Thursday arrival. Last night, I baked two different bread loafs, with moderate success. First up…

Jalapeño Cornbread! I made this little loaf using my favorite cornbread recipe, modifying it with a handful of diced jalapeño! I didn’t try this out yet, but judging from the leftover dough I tasted, this is going to be a spicy treat! It probably won’t be as good as Babycakes’ a-ma-zing jalapeño cornbread, but I hope Caitlin will like it nonetheless!

Second up…

Banana Bread! For this I used a recent recipe posted on the blog Another One Bites the Crust. I got a little discouraged while making this after I realized that I was probably supposed to be using an electric mixer, but I think I managed to make some palatable in the end. Again, I didn’t try this one either, so you’ll just have to come back and see what Caitlin’s verdict is after she tries it!

The anticipatory excitement continues tomorrow.

Until we eat again,



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