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November 18, 2009

What’s up internet?

It’s been pretty crazy ’round here since my last post. Many pages have been written and powerpoints created. But don’t worry! I have been eating plenty!

Wil Wheaton tweeted about this recipe. Specifically, he wrote”OMG OMG OMG recipe for PUNKIN OATMEAL from Cooking with Trader Joe’s (@cookingwithtj).” Though I had no punkin puree, I did have a kabocha squash and a blender. Therefore: Kabocha Oats! this recipe is ridiculously good but very, very filling. When I make it again, I will definitely be making less than my usual oat portion.


You also may have wondered about the origins of a certain soup that Willie referenced in his last post. I mean this kabocha curry soup:

(Yes. That is his picture. All of mine were s(o)uper blurry!)

The recipe comes courtesy of Peas and Thank You! I did make some modifications: more garlic (surprise, surprise), half of an onion (because that’s how I roll), mung beans instead of red lentils (because that’s what was in my pantry) and I didn’t blend it up (because I like my soup like I like my… hm… what exactly does one want to be chunky that’s not soup?).

This soup was really great and kind of reminded me of Mulligatawny soup but a lot better seeing as I don’t really like Mulligatawny soup. So, check it out! And make it! And eat it! You will like it!

I also made these cookies from The Vegetarian Cookbook. As many a vegetarian can tell you, the most popular gift for a vegetarian is a cookbook. Though I often dread it when my mother picks up some last minute Christmas gifts in the bargain section of Barnes & Noble, I am glad she found this one. I do every so often have to change some of the details of the baked goods, either to veganize or because the recipe will call for a little too much or a little too little flour, the recipes are all around very good.

These are Orange Cream Cheese Cookies! I must admit, though, that the dark chocolate with orange zest that I decided to dip them in really made these cookies fabulous.

I also made some curry over barley. I think I will post a recipe for this eventually, because it came out rather good! It needs a little tweaking though since any good curry should make your nose run a little bit and my nose didn’t run at all while I ate this!

Last but not least: Red Wheat Bran Bread with Raisins! I know it’s quite a small loaf, but really this was supposed to be muffins and, unfortunately, I do not have a muffin tin… 😦 But, fortunately, this was still delicious.

Okay kiddos, I’m pretty sleepy for some reason and should probably head off to slumberland. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

Until We Eat Again,


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  1. Why did I leave New York??! I’m missing sooo much good food!

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