I can’t believe I missed Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day!

November 8, 2009

Maybe that can be everyday?


Disclaimer: amid all of the baked goods I post about here today, I did take in a large amount of fruits and veggies this week.

The sandwich craving was just too strong to fight. I blame this on the passing of National Sandwich Day on November 3rd, but also on the inherent deliciousness of anything stuffed between two pieces of bread.

rainbow bread in profile

So I baked some bread. Some rainbow bread.

full rainbow bread

okay… so maybe it turned out more like funfetti bread. I don’t see anything wrong with that.


In other news, I tried the carrot fries Willie and other bloggers have given such high marks to from Gena’s recipe. Okay, so maybe these were so good I went out and bought more carrots…

carrots with miso/tahini dipping sauce

They are fantastic with a simple miso-tahini dipping sauce!

Last night I had the oh-so-hard-to-combat urge to bake cookies. In true Caitlin form, I did not fight the urge and baked these little gems:

oatmeal deliciousness

Chocolate-filled Oatmeal cookies (sorry for the blurry pic!)

I am convinced that Crescent Dragonwagon is somehow superhuman. It is completely beyond me that the Passionate Vegetarian can contain so many fabulous recipes. I modified CD’s classic oatmeal cookies slightly and rather than including dried fruit or nuts, I put a chunk of broken up chocolate bar in the center of each cookie.

These cookies are out of this world! Take it from my roommate who claimed that these were some of the best cookies I have baked yet! Apparently, they just eked out the lead above my cornflake cookies!

I think I’m going to go eat some more now…


Until We Eat Again,





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  2. […] of delicious, delicious carrot fries, the perfect way to take care of some leftover carrots. Both Caitlin and I have sung the praises of carrot fries before, so all I’ll say here is: if you […]

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