Some of This Week’s Dinners

November 6, 2009

Hi all,

I wanted to quickly share with you some of the dinner I fixed for myself this week. First up, Monday’s meal, a scrumptious vegetable-couscous bowl:

Veggie Bowl

The vegetables in this delicious bowl of goodness were broccoli, green beans, and leeks, served with a spicy garlic sauce and sesame sticks on top! It was yum yum yum.

Next up, Wednesday night’s dinner: Creamy Red Pepper Polenta with Roasted Mushrooms:


The recipe came courtesy Vegan Dad, and it was very good. You blend a red pepper and some leeks in a blender with water, and then use that mixture to cook the polenta in! Then add in some herbs and spices at the end, and you get a delicious and simple plate of polenta! And the roasted mushrooms were an added bonus, for sure.

I also tried my hand at baking on Wednesday:

Maple Cornmeal Biscuits

These are Maple Cornmeal Biscuits, adapted from a recipe by Happy Herbivore. I say “adapted” because I didn’t use cornmeal (I ran out!) and substituted corn flour instead. This made the taste a little darker and less crunchier than I think it would’ve been with cornmeal. Still good though! I love me some biscuits.

Lastly, on Thursday night I ate a meal very similar to Monday’s:

Veggie Bowl II

The vegetables and couscous are the same, but I replaced the sesame sticks (I ran out!) with black and white sesame seeds and the spicy garlic sauce with a mustard sauce. I think I prefer Monday night’s variation more, but this one wasn’t bad, and was a little simpler to prepare.

And those were some of my quick dinners this week! I hope to get into some more exciting food adventures this weekend!

Until we eat again,



One comment

  1. Do you think even I would like the Creamy Red Pepper Polenta?

    And I wanted to try those biscuits!

    Just wait until you see what I baked yesterday. I imagine it will make you lol (once my camera battery is charged that is…)

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