49 Hours in NYC

November 6, 2009

To all our lovely readers,

My apologies. Since I returned from my whirlwind visit to NYC this weekend, my life has been work work work with no time for blogging! I’ve not been very happy about this, especially since I have lots of exciting things to blog about from the weekend, but so goes the life of a grad student. So let me waste no more time and jump right into my weekend recap!


My bus arrived in the city only one and half hours late this time, and Caitlin was there to meet me and accompany me back to her place in Brooklyn. Once there, Caitlin treated me to a delicious homemade dinner, which was exactly what my stomach was craving after a long day of traveling. The star of the meal: Fava Bean and Nopales Soup!

Nopales Soup

For those not in the know (like me not too long ago), nopales is cactus! And it’s yummy! (Actually, as it turns out, I had had nopales once before this, when Caitlin and I were in Arizona. However, what we ate on that occasion was Nopales Salsa, which was a little different than the front-and-center nopales action going on in this soup. Either way, though, cactus makes for an exciting meal!)

We also had some yummy biscuits. Here are they are coming out of the oven:

Biscuits Oven

And here they are all nicely arranged on a plate:

Biscuits Plate

The cool thing about these biscuits was that Caitlin made the dough three days before I came and just let it ferment in the fridge until I arrived! Other than that, there’s nothing secret about these guys—just straightforward, unadulterated gluteny goodness.

Caitlin also made some double chocolate cookies that I munched on after this delicious dinner, but neglected to photograph. And that was Friday.


Saturday we decided to go out for dinner, in belated celebration of our two year anniversary on Wednesday. I decided (after much prolonged indecisiveness, as Caitlin can tell you) that I was in the mood for some New York pizza, which changed into a mood for some authentic Italian pizza after Caitlin told me about this really good Italian restaurant nearby, Graziella’s. After doing a quick internet check of the menu, we agreed that this would be a nice and tasty place to eat, and late Saturday evening we hopped on a bus towards Fort Greene and some Italian noms.

The first thing we ordered were beers. Okay, not very Italian, but Graziella’s has a really nice beer selection (and wine list, for that matter). Check them (and Caitlin!) out!


The beer to the left is Caitlin’s: a Pumpkin Ale, perfect for the season. The one on the right is mine, a Heferweizen from Portland, OR! Both were delicious—and that means a lot coming from me, (a) since I don’t really like beer all that much and (b) because I’m Canadian now and thus sort of a beer snob. Anyway, two big thumbs up for the beers! (Also, if you click on the photo for the full-size version, you may be able to make out a fellow diner costumed as Maleficent—In all fairness, Saturday was Hallowe’en.)

The first food item we ordered, though, was an interesting little appetizer called a Mediterranean Schiaciatta, as they describe it: “brick oven flat bread stuffed with baby arugula, shaved parmesan, baby tomatoes & topped with extra virgin olive oil & sicilian oregano.” And as my camera photographs it:


This was really really delicious. It tasted super super fresh with its baby tomatoes and arugula, and the cheese and bread meshed perfectly with one another. We loved it!

For our main course, we split a small pizza—a white pizza made with ricotta, garlic, and mozzarella and topped with broccoli rabe that is!


This was even better than the last, if that’s possible. The best part about it was that it really was like real Italian pizza (or at least the kind I remember eating in Venice). So, in short: If you like Italian food—or beer—go to Graziella’s!

And wait—I haven’t even mentioned dessert! Caitlin and I both ordered separate sweet treats. I choose their home made Tiramisu…


Since this picture isn’t the clearest, here’s Graziella’s description: “espresso drenched ladyfingers topped with sweet mascarpone cream infused with espresso liquor.” My description: yum yum yum.

Caitlin’s dessert was an old favorite from her childhood, Orange Sorbet, “served in its natural shell”:


I tried a bit of this and lot it was really good, and I’m not even a huge sorbet guy. So all around, Graziella’s scored high marks for the night.

…One caveat: Later that night, I found to my disappointment that my body can no longer handle/process that much cheese in one night, as I experienced pretty rotten stomach cramps a few hours after returning home. I should emphasize that nothing was wrong with the food itself (Caitlin handled it fine) and in fact I still want to go back to Graziella’s right now. Just next time I won’t eat so much cheese. Although at Graziella’s, the stomach cramps would definitely be worth it. Okay, enough about bodily pains and on to more culinary pleasures!


Sunday afternoon Caitlin and I went to Park Slope to walk around, check out some bookstores, and grab lunch at ‘sNice, an awesome little vegan cafe in the area. The menu is kinda sorta completely incredible, and after looking through it we hardly knew what to do with ourselves—there was just so much delicious food to try! In the end, we decided on one sandwich and one salad and one shake. First, the shake!


It’s a chai milk-less shake (that means soy!)! Wow, was this good. Just check out Caitlin, shakin’ it up:

Caitlin Shakin It

Now that’s a girl who loves her shake.

Our salad of choice was the Thai Salad:


There was much too much on this salad to remember: edamame, peanuts, bean sprouts, greens, and a lovely carrot ginger dressing. All around, this was a very good salad, but for me it paled in comparison to our sandwich of the day:


They call this baby “Thansgiving Leftovers”: thinly sliced tofurky and sweet potatoes surrounding scrumptious brusselsprouts and an amazing cranberry sauce dressing, all inside a perfectly toasted roll. This was just incredible! What an idea for a sandwich—I loved every bite. In fact, writing this now it occurs to me that we need to go back to ‘sNice ASAP. Also, it occurs to me that they should change their name to something more accurate, like ‘sWonderful or ‘sSuperFreakinAwesome.

And those were the highlights on my last visit to NYC! If you’re craving for more, don’t worry—I’ll be back in the city in just another week! Also, I have some food adventures from this week in Toronto that I’ll be posting soon! Stay tuned…

Until we eat again,


P.S.: I forgot when I originally wrote this post to explain the title! You see, I arrived in NYC at 7:30pm Friday night and left at 7:30pm Sunday night, which in normal circumstances would total 48 hours, but due to daylight savings time, Caitlin and I got to enjoy an extra hour together! Thanks Benjamin Franklin!



  1. 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed all out eatventures so much!

    That Maleficent costume was absolutely amazing.

    There was also gravy on that tasty thanksgiving-leftovers sammy.

    I should make those biscuits again soon…

  2. Also, I love that you now consider yourself a beer snob and beer hater!

    • Isn’t it wonderful the things Canada can do to a person?

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