The Best Part of this Post is Definitely When I Unveil My Name for Vegan Quesadillas; You May Want to Read the Rest of It, But My Feelings Won’t Be Hurt If You Don’t. MUCH.

October 23, 2009

Dear Caitlin and all our other wonderful readers,

It’s already quite late so I can’t bring my usual wit and energy to this post, but I did want to share some of my meals from this week with you all before they turned into the cold leftovers of my memory. Did that metaphor make sense? I don’t think so. Moving on…

Wednesday night has kind of become my go-to day for somewhat adventurous cooking. It’s partially because I have night classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays, which get in the way of any stove work move than heating up what I already have sitting in the fridge. So Wednesday nights, nestled in between my highly educational but minimally culinary evenings, always seem like a good time to time out some new recipes and whip up some new meals, and this Wednesday was no exception. I made two new recipes; first, up, Red Lentil Soup:


This recipe came from 101 Cookbooks, a site which I’ve linked to in the past and highly recommend to all that haven’t checked it out already. The thing I like about this recipe was that it is very basic; in fact, the main reason I chose to make it was because it let me use up many of the ingredients I had lying around in my fridge and in my pantry. And overall, this is a good recipe, although I have to say it’s not out of this world. It’s just a solid lentil soup, no frills attached. And there’s no wrong with that.

Next up…


…looks like a tortilla, but could be inside?


It’s Another One Bites the Crust’s recipe for White Black Bean Quesadillas (scroll to bottom)! This is another pretty simple recipe; one of the things I liked about it was that you blend up a quesadilla mixture of beans, tomatoes, and other yummy things, and then you just spread this on the tortillas, add some grilled peppers and onions, heat up, and then you’re done! Really neat method, in my opinion. My only complaint was that this was very nutritional-yeast-y, as it uses nutritional yeast as a substitute for el queso. No I definitely consider myself a fan of nutritional yeast; I sprinkle a good heap of it everyday on my salads. However, I am beginning to realize that I am not a fan of nutritional yeast as a cheese replacement. The fact is, nutritional yeast is its own flavor, and I think it’s got to be respected for what it is and not treated as an ersatz cheese. So I’m hoping to find some new, interesting, and non-cheese-derivative ways to use nutritional yeast in the future; do you have any ideas?

One last complaint (not really) with this recipe: the name. Every vegan knows that an non-vegan imitation dish must be given a cutesy vegan name when it’s adapted, typically involving “z”s or apostrophes or a bad pun. In light of this, I offer you my proposed vegan name for this recipe: Black Bean Quasidillas. Not only does this name accurately reflect both what is changed in the recipe and the nature of that change, “Quasidilla” also sort of sounds like a dinosaur. A DELICIOUS DINOSAUR, THAT IS!

One last thing to share: You remember my last post, where I mentioned “an exciting and wacky new idea” I came up with when I made myself a mushroom and onion sandwich? Well I implemented that wacky idea earlier this week. Check it out:


Okay, so you can’t actually see the wackiness from this picture. But you can see the different bun I used this time, a multigrain roll from My Market Bakery. To see the wackiness, you need to look inside…


See it yet? Let’s move in a little closer…


There’s wasabi on that bun! Okay, maybe not as wacky as you’d hoped, but I thought it was pretty adventurous and atypical. Surprisingly, it worked really well. I think I was actually a little too cautious with how much wasabi I used this time and that I could definitely have gotten away with using more. Oh well, maybe next time.

And here’s wishing you many happy meals until our next time!

Until we eat again,




  1. I am a fan of the word quasidilla!

    • I think I would prefer a quasardilla… you know, for when your hunger is particularly celestial…

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  3. […] over a white kidney bean puree! My mom sent me this recipe from a book she has in response to my previous request for recipes using nutritional yeast in a non-cheese-substitute-ish sort of way. In this dish, the […]

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