A Tale of Three Dinners (and one lunch!)

October 19, 2009

Dear Caitlin and all others,

Sorry that I haven’t posted for a few days; I think I was still tired out from my last, long post about New York. Fortunately, though, this means that I’m going to squeeze a plethora of awesome food adventures from this week into one yum-filled post! So let’s go!

Wednesday Dinner

Wednesday Dinner

So it is (nominally) autumn here in Toronto, and while you wouldn’t know by the daily lows (which have already dipped below 0 Celsius), at least the available produce is of the season. Such being the case, I decided on Wednesday to make the best of the fall harvest and make myself some Pumpkin Soup! The recipe (or rather, guideline) I followed came courtesy of Vegan Dad, a nearby Canadian blogger who knows his stuff (and how to make a mean pumpkin soup). This recipe is really easy (the most time consuming part is peeling and scooping out the pumpkin) and you basically make it to your tastes. I thought that this was an excellent autumn soup, although mine did suffer some from not having a hand mixer to mash the pumpkin (notice how the liquid remained separated from the pumpkin flesh in the picture). Still, this did not get in the way of the taste, which was superb.

And let me tell you about these scones. Their recipe also comes from Vegan Dad, and they really make the perfect complement to this soup (although they’re absolutely delectable on their own as well). The only downside to both of these recipes is that they call for lots of vegan margarine/butter (especially the scones), which to me is disappointing strictly from an economical perspective. Still, the payoff is definitely worth it.

Thursday Dinner

Thursday Sandwich Closed

What’s that funky looking sammy? It’s what happens when I need to fix up a quick dinner after my late evening seminar Thursday nights. This “Bird Beak” Sandwich was made with a multigrain ciabatta roll I got at My Market Bakery. (This was my second time there, and I definitely like the shop a lot; however, I learned the hard way this time that you really need to get there early in the day–by the time I arrived late Thursday afternoon, most of the shelves were already empty!) Of course, a sandwich is not all about what’s happening on the outside; the inside counts too! So let’s look inside…

Thursday Sandwich Open

Okay, so it’s perhaps not as exciting as it could’ve been. This is just your basic sauteed mushroom and onion sandwich with mustard and (artistically placed) tonkatsu sauce. This was simple but satisfying, plus it gave me an exciting and wacky new idea that I’m eager to try out sometime soon (check back to see how it goes!).

Saturday Lunch

Saturday Spread

I spent most of the Saturday holed out inside trying to write a philosophy essay. But any long day of writing requires a nice big lunch break, and that’s exactly what I gave myself Saturday afternoon. Let me introduce my lunch one dish at a time…

Saturday Soup

First, White Bean Rosemary Soup! This recipe came from Dreena Burton‘s wonderful book Eat, Drink & Be Vegan, one my personal faves. The soup basically involves exactly what its name suggests: lots of cannellini beans and rosemary, with a little bit of veggies and some liquids thrown in there to even things out. This soup was a very good lunchtime meal, although I did have two small issues with it. The first was my own fault: I decided not to use fresh herbs, and I definitely should’ve. So I’ve learned my lesson. The second issue was that what you see above was the entire yield of my batch. Now granted, I did cut the recipe in third, but even doing so the soup still called for two whole cups of beans! I think I could’ve split the soup I made into two small servings, but I was really hoping that this recipe would’ve made more soup. Alas. At least this gives me an excuse to make more soup.

Saturday Bread

Along with my soup, I also enjoyed some slices of another purchase of mine from My Market Bakery: a Multigrain Muesli Loaf! There’s a lot going on in this bread, and I love every part of it. This did not make the best complement to the soup (it’s a very hearty bread), but it is excellent all the same!

Saturday Hummus

Finally, I made myself some Peanut Sesame Hummus, another recipe from Dreena Burton’s book. This is by far my favorite hummus recipe in her book, although all of hers are stellar. I switched things up a bit this time by using my Peanut Hazelnut Butter and some hemp oil in lieu of sesame oil, and the results were fantastic (although not significantly different than what they would be had I followed the recipe exactly). I enjoyed this hummus with some celery sticks and pole beans.

Sunday Night

Sunday Dinner

And that brings us to tonight, where dinner was roasted vegetables served over amaranth with Shoshana’s Spectacular All-Purpose Tahini Sauce. The vegetables were carrots, green zucchini, and yellow zucchini, and the sauce recipe came from Sarah Kramer‘s book La Dolce Vegan. This was a solid dinner, though nothing out of this world. I did end up with some leftover sauce, though, and I’m excited to try it out with some other veggies throughout the week!

And those were my last few days in food! Hopefully I’ll have some more fun things to report in the upcoming week. Stay tuned!

Until we eat again,


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