How Bout Dem Apples?

October 18, 2009

Today, I celebrated apples in the Lower East Side! There were vendors along Orchard Street and BabyCakes had some apple-themed items for the day.

I bought a bunch of apples from the Red Jacket Orchards table:


There are three different varieties here, but, unfortunately, I can only remember that the smallest are honeycrisp… The largest of these apples is gigantic. I took a picture of it with Brodie in order to give some sense of how large it really is.

sense of scale

Yeah, it’s bigger than his head. I also bought some plum jam from Red Jacket. The vendor told me this was the most popular flavor:


I’m pretty excited about it. Maybe I’ll try some tonight…

Next, I headed over to BabyCakes! I ordered three things, but have only eaten two so far:

brownie bite

A brownie bite!

apple cinnamon toastie

And Apple Cornbread! (Amazing.)

I had some work to do, so I looked for a coffee shop to work in and enjoy some of my sweet treats! Luckily, I found a pretty crazy one. The Roasting Plant is like Willy Wonka’s Coffee Factory in miniature. My latte looks pretty tame:


But check out the view from my seat:

crazy coffee contraption

When coffee is ordered, the beans get shot up through these tubes across the ceiling to the machinery at the back of the store operated by hipsters behind very large macs. The coffee was pretty good, but the atmosphere was more interesting…

Now I think I better go try some of that jam… Have a happy Monday!

Until We Eat Again,



  1. That bean machine is AWESOME! Also, for all readers not acquainted with Brodie, take note that he is a tiny dog with a tiny head. Still, any apple bigger than his head is one big apple.

  2. […] of the size unless you know that I have gigantic Polish hands.* You might want to check out this post to see a comparison of this apple to Brodie’s […]

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