Getting Ready!

October 7, 2009

Dear Caitlin,

Yesterday I went to Kensington Market to buy some things for my rapidly approaching trip to NYC on Friday! I have a (hopefully no longer than) 10 hour bus ride to prepare for, and that’s a little too long to go without noms. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to bring fruits and other produce across the border, and although I could probably get by without being noticed, I’d rather not cause any problems. This means no fruit, no salad, and (just to be safe) no smoothie for the ride. There go all my mainstays. What’s a boy to do?

Since I’m going to be sitting in a bus all day, I figure that eating a lot of crackers or cookies is not the best idea, so I’ve decided to pack light and only bring a few energy bars and a couple nut butter sandwiches. I’m hoping that this will be enough to stave off whatever hunger arises on my trip while not filling me up with a load of empty calories. We’ll just have to wait to see how this experiment turns out, but for now I can share with you the exciting things I’ll be bringing!

First, I needed to get some new bread for my nut butter sandwiches. I went to My Market Bakery for the first time to find an appropriate loaf, and I was very pleased with the selection and the prices. The store was also right down the street from all the other stores I needed to go to, so it gets bonus points for location. Anyway, in the end I chose to go with their Flaxseed Loaf:


I cut off a piece last night to try and was not disappointed. I think this will make a great sandwich bread!

Side note: I also bought myself a cute little Portuguese loaf as a side for my dinner last night. It was light and fluffy and delicious and looked like this:


Next up, I needed to get some new nut butter for my nut butter sandwiches. I’ve been very keen on the locals Nuts To You Nut Butter brand of nut butter. I’ve been very pleased by their organic peanut and tahini varieties, but yesterday I was in the mood for something new. Thankfully, Nuts To You offers many options, including combination nut butters! Once I saw this jar, I couldn’t resist:


First off, I love peanuts and hazelnuts. Second, I love any product with the word “Mystery” in the title. It was an easy sell, especially for just $5. I tasted out a bit of this last night (you know, as “testing” before my trip) and I was very pleased. It basically tastes like Nutella without the chocolate and all the preservatives that are probably in Nutella. Anyway, it tastes amazing.

By the way, I’m thinking of making (at least) two nut butter sandwiches: one with sultana raisins and one with agave nectar. Do those sound like good ideas? Do you have any others?

Finally, here are the energy bars that will be accompanying me to New York:


I’m excited to see how these taste! I’ve never tried any of them before!

And that’s all I got. I don’t think I’ll get to post again before I get to NYC, and I’m not exactly sure what the blogging situation will be once I get there. But one thing’s for sure: there will be lots of awesome cooking and eating and photographing going on this weekend (that’s what happens when Caitlin and I get together), and it’ll all appear here sooner or later. Stay tuned.

Until we eat again,



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