Weekend Roundup!

October 4, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Once again, I have found myself being blog delinquent on the weekend, and, once again, I will offer you a large review post of my weekend eats…

There were some pretty exciting things along the way!

irving farms cookie

I stopped in at Irving Farms, which I have now decided will be my official sometimes treat, and got an almond soy latte and a vegan ginger snap cookie. Of course they were both amazing.


Remember that berry juice I bought last week? Well, I mixed it with some water and cooked my oats in it! These oats were delicious on their own, but mixed with some sunflower seed butter they tasted like PB&J! The color is pretty cool too…

Newman's Own Sweet Onion Sauce

So, I went home for the day (which ended up meaning from friday night to sunday afternoon) to do some laundry. Prepared for slim pickins, I traveled with zucchini in hand. In the pantry I discovered this exciting treat and topped my zucchini pasta with it!


Sorry for the blurry picture… The sauce was really great though, but, I mean, if it has Paul Newman’s face on it, can you really go wrong?


I made some farina muffins that were okay, but very good with some PB and Raspberry J, much like typical farina…


Somewhat random, but this is one of the supplements my father has to take for his cancer. I have never seen a product with a name that is both incredibly appropriate AND incredibly inappropriate. I thought I’d share.


I also got Chinese food! This time they actually sent brown rice, which was a nice change. On the left is a spicy tofu dish, but I can’t remember what it was called! I’m glad I liked it though, because the portion they gave me will easily last me the rest of the week… On the right/bottom are bean sprouts! They were a little salty, but pretty good. And here is a close up:


Okay, gotta finish putting the laundry away! Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

Until We Eat Again,



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