Crazy Catching Up Post!

October 1, 2009

Terribly sorry I have been completely MIA for the past few days, I’ve just been MAD busy! I thought I would make this post an array of pictures of things I have seen an eaten since last checking in… In other words, lots of pics, some online recipes and some product reviews! Get ready!

honey sunshine

You may already know that Kashi was giving away free samples of their cereals. I was pretty excited to get free noms and I like surprises so I went on their website  and I chose the “surprise me” option. Low and behold, a week later this little treat was in my mailbox! Now, I will admit this wasn’t the best kashi variety I have ever had, but it was okay. They were kind of like cap’n crunch but without the thick coating of sweetener. The most exciting thing about this package was that it came with a coupon for 2 dollars off a box of kashi! Holy Savings, Batman!

On Saturday, I headed to the Upper West Side to do some work at the library and wander around, further cementing my love for that neighborhood. One thing I don’t think you could every find in the UWS though is this little gem located by my subway stop in Bushwick. I like to call it the Bushwick rooftop tricycle prison.

Bushwick tricycle prison

Willie had recommended to me a little pastry shop that he had been to when checking out Columbia earlier this year, so when I started jonesing for a sweet treat, I headed over. I must say, I loved the Hungarian Pastry Shop! It reminded me a little of Kiva Han, my favorite coffee shop in Pittsburgh. Of course, I don’t think the Hungarian Pastry Shop sells brownies made my nuns…

HUngarian Pastry Shop Treats

I had the Hungarian coffee with a poppy seed pastry. The secret to Hungarian coffee is the almond extract and it makes the coffee and even better accompaniment to sweet treats! It adds both a subtle coffee and a subtle almond flavor to the pastry and I will definitely be making coffee like this at home more often.

So, I will admit I was a little concerned about taking out my laptop to do work in an Hungarian shop with all my “I ❤ Slovensko” stickers on my computer, but I ended up not needing to worry because it was so packed that there was no place for my laptop and I! It was a really nice day though, and I headed across the street to the Children’s Sculpture Garden to enjoy my Magyar delights!

Children's Sculpture Garden

noah and a giraffe


I headed home in the evening to try out a new recipe!

Sunflower Seed and Sundried Tomato Pate

From here on in, I will apologise for a lot of these pictures not being totally in focus, I have been having some issues with my camera… 😦 Above, you will find Sunflower Seed and Sun-dried Tomato Pate. I would highly recommend this recipe, especially if, like me, you have a fabulous market nearby in which you recently purchased a large package of sun-dried tomatoes for a really good price and are unsure what to do with them…

Jicama Salad

Though, at the time, I did not have any romaine on hand, I thought I would give Rachel Ray’s Heck of  a Jicama Salad with kale instead. I wasn’t a big fan of this salad… It was a little too limey, which is strange because I love the taste of limes… The dressing/marinade was really the issue here for me, but I appreciated the addition of cumin seed.

scrambled tofu sammy

This sandwich, however, I am a much bigger fan of! This is a tofu scramble with flax seeds, zucchini turmeric, garam masala and cumin on two slices of Dave’s Killer Bread! Nom.

kufte before

Kale salad with zucchini, soon-to-be kufte and lemon slices… And the next day…

kufte bento

KUFTE BENTO! The soon-to-be kufte mix was cool enough to be made into their proper shape the next day, so I packed myself a kutfe bento since I would be out all day. On the other side are sun-dried tomatoes, lemon slices and zucchini slices. (zucchini was on sale this week; can you tell?)


Lunch was fabulous, but I was getting pretty yawny by the end of my class and I still had a meeting in the evening, so I stopped by a little shop called the Beanery. Originally, I was just going to get my usual soy latte, but I was so taken with their wonderful looking desserts, I decided to get a blondie as well. It was really, really good. I kind of want one now… maybe I’ll have cause to be around 1st and 3rd in the Lower East Side again soon… Also, I saw about five adorable dogs while enjoying my coffee.

juiceI normally don’t buy this brand of juice because it is prohibitively expensive and I really don’t like their chai flavor, but I was really craving juice and the aforementioned market had it for a surprisingly low price. Everything in it is from concentrate, but I really like the flavor combo; mostly carrots and blackberries. It was really strong though, so I ended up mixing it with some water. I suppose it would be even better with soda water.

mac n cheese!

This is definitely the food highlight of my week! I made my favorite vegan mac n’ “cheese” recipe with some zucchini mixed in for good measure…

I followed this up with Dreena’s banana “ice cream” recipe from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan.


I also learned that this recipe does absolutely need to be made in a food processor… but with this combo of ingredients, it really mattered little that it was pretty chunky…

Okay, so this post is already pretty ridiculously long, and I salute you if you managed to actually finish reading this post. I’ll do an update of today’s eats a little later today or tomorrow. Dobru Chut!

Until We Eat Again,




  1. Such a delicious post. This is making me so hungry right now. I will have to aspire to some better cooking this weekend! I may end up just making some of the delicious stuff you made here, though…

  2. […] main course, Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese! I used the recipe that you linked to in your previous post, and I was very pleased. I enjoyed it straight up with some whole wheat macaronis, but I definitely […]

  3. That mac ‘n cheese looks so delicious. I’m hungry now.

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