What do you think? Should I apply for a part-time job at pinkberry?

September 24, 2009

Hopefully, this post will offer a little catching up post party since I have been neglectful of my dear blog recently. Be prepared for a barrage of bloggage, Caitlin style.

tofu and broc

I mentioned this Wildwood organic sprouted tofu in my last post, and I would definitely recommend it. It’s really quality tofu!

TJ's wine

Meet my new friend, TJ’s wine. So, I needed white wine for last night’s dinner, which you will see in a bit, and this was the cheapest they had at Trader Joe’s Wine and Spirits. (Under 4 dollars?!??) I don’t like wine. This in addition to the price gave me very little hope that any more than the 1/4 cup of the wine that the recipe called for would actually get drunk (or trinken). To my surprise, I loved it! That bottle is now happily sitting in the recycling bin! 🙂

kamut pilaf

This lovely creation would be the destination of that first quarter cup of vino. On my trip to the UWS WF*last week, I bought some kamut! I had never eaten or cooked kamut before, so I consulted the ever-trustworthy Crescent Dragonwagon. I found a lovely and exciting recipe for the kamut pilaf you see above. I must say, great grain! I don’t think I have a pink enough tab to mark this recipe!**

kamut  pilaf close up

I don’t want to give away any of the recipe’s secrets, but I figured I would throw in a close up so that you could speculate…

dinner on the 23rd

I had some of the leftover pilaf tonight with a massaged kale salad and some balsamic tofu! I just massaged it with some lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and orange zest. I was inspired to add the orange zest after trying something similar at the vegan tasting night at whole foods!

That’s right, WF had a vegan night! I was accompanied by one of my adorable friends*** who I have known for… is it eighteen years now? (This does not mean we are old. This simply means we learned our ABC’s together.) Though I think we were both a little disappointed in the slim pickin’s, some of the products were quite nice. I tried the walnut-orange kale (salad inspiration), vegan rice pudding (liked the rice, wasn’t sure about the pudding…), some granola that was sub-par but the soy milk they topped it with was quite nice (but I don’t remember the brand! oh no!) and some ginger cashews. We unfortunately missed out on the barbeque tempeh because Chef Juan Pablo felt like socializing instead of manning his station… *taps foot irritably*

After WF, I had my first pinkberry experience! There is a pinkberry right around the corner from my school, but I never realized what I was missing by passing it by every day!


I got a small original with mochi and dark chocolate crisps on top! I really liked the yogurty flavor of the froyo, it’s not often that you get the yogurt tanginess in frozen yogurt. It must be the live and active cultures…

Going back to the title of this post… I am looking for a part-time job and noticed while entering pinkberry tonight that they are hiring… What say you oh wise interwebs?

On a completely unrelated note, look at my newly reorganized bookcase! I may have reordered it based on their Dewey classification numbers…

dewey bookshelf

I might have a sweet treat to post tomorrow (with recipe!) So, I hope to see you then!

Until We Eat Again,


*Sorry, I think the Librarianship classes are making me a bit acronym crazy! Upper West Side Whole Foods…

**Willie and Caitlin’s geeky cookbook rating system translation = ridiculously delicious.

***Copyright of this phrase goes to the lovely Erin K.C.



  1. Yes, I think you should apply for the job! It’s at least worth a shot, right?

    Also, I tried Wildwood tofu when I first got to Toronto (it was one of the first tofus I found, and I was excited to try something new)! I also thought it was very good, but it is also a little expensive up here.

    Finally, I’m very jealous of all the food fun you’re having. My week has not been nearly exciting. But hopefully I’ll have some scrumptious things to share this weekend when my family comes up for the marathon!

    Talk to you soon! ❤

    • Oh, I’m not worried about getting the job or not, I just wanted to see if you had an opinion on whether
      I should take another job like this… it’s just in such a convenient locale and has such delicious treats!

      • Well it sounds like it would be an enjoyable job at least, and one with certain attractive perks!

  2. Wow. We HAVE known each other for 18 years. Unfathomable! By the way, Whole Foods tweeted me back: wholefoodsny: @damegermaine sad to hear our vegan feast was not bountiful. try us again next week for the autumn harvest and we’ll do better!

    As for Pinkberry, I say do it! Monies is monies. 😀 Thanks for inviting me along for our excursion!

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