Simple Pleasures

September 20, 2009

Dear Caitlin,


Today did not see much in the way of exciting new food ventures, but it did see plenty much loved favorites. I started the morning off with a smoothie, which was actually a new blend today—a Ginger Pear smoothie (which also included dates and a banana!). I liked this one very much, although I’m still a sucker for my Chocolate Almond smoothie. Nuts and chocolate are just so hard to compete with. Tomorrow I’m thinking of whipping up an original blend, perhaps combining recipes to reach something in between the Ginger Pear and Chocolate Almond…

I also had a plain ol’ banana along with my smoothie for breakfast, and then some grapes later on in the morning. As a late lunch I had (yet another) super salad, which was super. And for dinner I had the wonderful dish pictured above, soba noodles with shiitake dashi. I had been meaning to make some dashi for ages now (I bought the dried mushrooms weeks ago), and tonight seemed like a good night to do it. This time, I omitted the sake, as I did not feel like buying sake just for this purpose, and I also used a new brand of dried mushrooms, which, although significantly less gross looking than my old brand, still tasted horrible after simmering for an hour. Nonetheless, they still made for a delicious dashi! I’m glad to now know I can make this sans sake and it’ll be no worse for wear. (The wasabi, of course, helps to round out the taste.)

The other good thing about making this dashi tonight is now I have a third quick ‘n’ easy dinner for the week, along with my leftover tortilla soup and veggies with garlic sauce. This is good because I’m sure this week is going to be busy—how did I end up with night classes on three days of the week? And how come these night classes go from six to nine at night? Could they possibly pick a more awkward time?

Still, I’m not too bitter, as I’m really enjoying my classes so far, and the three hour blocks actually haven’t felt that long. Tomorrow will put my endurance to the test, though—my day starts at 9:30 in the morning and lasts until 9:00 at night! And so I must now prepare my things for tomorrow and get myself a good night’s rest!

Until we eat again,



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