A Yummy Dinner

September 19, 2009

Dear Caitlin,


Most of my day today was like any other: on the work side, lots of studying and philosophizing, and on the food side, lots of now-classic staples such as a Chocolate Almond smoothie, a banana, an apple, a Vimbit, and a wonderful lunchtime salad. Dinner, however, did see something new and exciting: a spicy garlic vegetable, tofu, and grains bowl, filled with flavorful goodness! The above picture doesn’t nearly capture all the excitement contained in this dish. Neither does this picture, but I’ll show it to you anyway.


The veggies in there are broccoli and some of the tri-color green beans I got at the farmers’ market this morning! I was a little disappointed because the black green beans (or maybe I should just call them black beans) turned a dark green when I blanched them, taking away some of the tri-color excitement. The tofu you see there is some Ying Ying Soy Food Sweet & Spicy tofu I had sitting in my fridge. And underneath all of that is a bed of couscous mixed with amaranth—a wonderful combination, especially since the couscous was the delightful Trader Joe’s couscous you brought me last week! On top of all this I drizzled some of our old favorite Spicy Garlic Toss sauce, which provided the perfect flavor to every in there. This was awesome! And simple! I love it when the two go together.

In closing, let me just say that I’m very glad you came last weekend and not this weekend, and not just because there were so many exciting things happening in Toronto last weekend. More importantly, this weekend has been COLD! We would not have been able to have pleasant walks around the city if you were here now. Frigid walks around the city, perhaps, but definitely not pleasant ones. It does look like this just might be a weird fluke, though; it seems like it’s going to get hotter this week. But as October approaches, I fear that I may need to leave all hopes of feeling my toes for the next six months behind. I’m going to miss them…

At least this will give me an excuse to make lots of soups.

Until we eat again,



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