Smooth Sailing

September 18, 2009

Dear Caitlin,


Ah… another morning, another sludgy smoothie. But today’s was a new concoction called the “Body Builder Smoothie,” involving (among other things) a banana, an orange, and a tiny amount of cloves, which are a very interesting thing to have in a smoothie. I can’t say that I liked this smoothie as much as the Chocolate Almond smoothie I’ve had for the past two days (but that was to expected, as today’s did not call for any cacao nibs), but it was still good. Actually, I’m drinking the second half of it right now!


Lunch today was (yet again) a super salad. I am still not at all sick of this, and it’s been basically the same every day this week. In fact, it’s one of the things I look forward to most in my day. Ah, the simple pleasures of kale, avocados, sprouts, grapes, nuts, seeds, jicama, and dressing… Yes, the simple life is the life for me.

For dinner tonight, I actually got into the kitchen and made something! More than something—Raw Tortilla Soup! I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant at first about the idea of a raw (read: cold) soup, but since it seemed like such a delicious recipe AND another excuse for me to use my new blender, I thought I’d give it a whirl (literally!).

Now I don’t know how interested you, Caitlin, would be in this recipe, since it does involve two whole red peppers…


But in the end I don’t think the soup tasted much like red peppers, as it had plenty of other veggies and lots of great spices thrown in there. Here’s what my finished plate looked like:


…and zooming in…


Yea, so I threw a whole avocado in there—my second avocado of the day! Also, along the back there were some of the zucchini chips I tried making tonight, which, due to my using two much oil in the pan and slicing the zucchini too thick, didn’t turn out very chip-like…


However, I have another zucchini in the fridge to try it again with, and next time I hope for some more success!

Anyway, the soup was very excellent, although I’m still not sure about how I feel about eating it cold. It’s definitely tasty enough—it’s just that something about soup (and especially about tortilla soup) says warm to me. But I have at least one more serving left, so I might try out the heated route and see how it is.

Also, I noticed that my soup came out a distinctly different color than Gena’s (this happened before when I made her Raw Green Goddess dressing). Now I think she’s using a Vitamix, which would explain why hers came out looking so much smoother, but I can’t understand why there’d be such a color difference. Any insights?

Finally, I’m looking for more smoothie suggestions. Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes or formulas?

Until we eat again,




  1. I JUST made that raw tortilla soup for lunch today and it was AMAZING! I can’t believe how good it was, I wish I made a double batch. By the way, I love the idea and theme of your blog, it is wonderful! I’m off to explore more of it.

    • Thanks for your comment! We’re glad to hear that you liked the blog. I’ve been checking out yours and it’s a lot of fun, too! We’ve added a link to it on our blogroll sidebar. Cheers!

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