In This Post I Relay All The Exciting Things That Happened In My Day PLUS I Reveal the New Totally Awesome Name I Came Up With For Energy Spheres

September 17, 2009

Dear Caitlin,

It’s getting late so this post will be brief. Let me take you through a tour of my day.

It started off with a short morning run, followed shortly by the morning smoothie I prepared before I left: a Chocolate Almond (and banana and date) Smoothie! Here’s what it looked like:


The recipe for this bad boy came from the Thrive Diet book, and despite appearances, it was AMAZING! Actually, I’m thinking of adopting a new maxim when it comes to recipes from this book: the more it looks like sludge, the better it’s gonna taste. I’ll let you know how this hypothesis holds up.

After this little morning kickstart, I packed up my bag and headed downtown to watch a free outdoor showing of The Last Waltz, my favorite movie of all time. It’d actually been a while since I’d watched the film in its entirety (although the soundtrack is in frequent rotation on my iTunes), so it was nice to see it again. Also, not too many people (probably a little under 100) showed up, so I was able to get a front row seat. One interesting thing: After every song in the film finished, the audience (that I was with) would clap. I mean, I clapped, too, but I still have no idea who we were clapping for.

But back to food. Before I left for the movie, I made sure to pack my bag full of edible goodies, since I wanted to do some work on campus after the film and knew it’d be awhile before I’d be back in my kitchen. So I packed an apple and a banana and two energy spheres (one of which got smushed in my bag and became more like an energy bar). All of these things were delicious, especially the energy spheres. Refrigerating them didn’t really make them any more solid or less sticky, but I’m fine with that: they’re super super tasty and super full of energy. I’m so happy that I still have 10 left in my fridge!

More importantly, though, I came up with a new name for my energy spheres. As I was eating my second of the day, I realized that these were sort of like super healthy munchkin donuts. And then I thought, they’re like my own personal Timbits. But wait—they’re full of energy—so they need to be called Vimbits! Do you like?

Once I finally got home from my day’s fun and work, I made myself a big big salad, which was wonderful from start to finish. A little later in the evening I finished off the second half of the morning’s smoothie, and as a late night snack I munched on some grapes with yesterday’s dip and a couple of pieces of bread.

And that’s all she wrote for today! Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day of school, but I think I already have my basic meal strategy planned out. Check back tomorrow to see how it goes!

Until we eat again,



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