Cowboys are Making Me Blog.

September 17, 2009


Okay, so I tried to watch a Western on TCM, but it didn’t work… So I’m blogging. I just have a hard time enjoying Cowboy movies that don’t star Montgomery Clift or don’t  feature Robots prominently (at least throw a bald Russian in there…)  or aren’t set in space

lemon in tea

On the food front, I had a “hugh jass” salad, snacked on a banana, some pistachios and blueberries and had left-over soup for dinner. I’m thinking of picking up some apples tomorrow and I am pretty excited at the prospect.

In other news, did you hear that Harvard’s bookstore is getting an Espresso Book Machine?!?

Also, a recurrent issue in most of my classes this week was evaluating library use. Specifically, trying to determine who is using a library or information center, what they want from the library and what a librarian should provide for them. I mean, these are really some basic questions of librarianship in general, but I don’t think I ever really thought about how complicated these questions can be. I started thinking about how much I loved libraries growing up; both my public and school libraries. The library was always a place of discovery for me. I could always find something new to devour there (even if I had to get my mom to take out books for me because I wasn’t allowed to take out anything but children’s books with my youth library card….). All in all, I think libraries played a large part in developing who I am today and, though I think I probably use them and think about them a lot differently, the excitement of having so many possibilities is still there.

Now, I know that you (Willie) appreciate a good library, if not for its collection or ambiance then for its napping potential, but I was wondering what role libraries played in your life and how you (Willie and anyone else who may be reading and feel like sharing) think of libraries now. What do you use your library for and what do you expect from it?

Oh, and just a reminder: September is library card sign up month! If you don’t already have one, go out and get one! Tomorrow I’m getting my NYPL card!

Until We Eat Again,



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  1. What do I use my library for… Well there are actually many libraries which I call my own. First, there is my personal library, which I don’t think you were asking about, but which, just in case you’re curious, I use as a home for all the books that are important to me, as a kind of repository of my education. Then there’s my various school libraries. These I use as study places and as an important scholarly resource–this is where I expect to find all the weird books I need for my classes. Finally, there are my various public libraries. These I see as community spaces, places to go when I want to relax or be somewhere quiet. I also expect to find newer and more popular books and other media here, as well as other important community information.

    You also asked what role libraries play in my life, both past and present. Unfortunately, I don’t think libraries played much of a role in my past life. I have no fond memories of libraries as a child. In fact, I seem to remember being sort of confused by all the libraries I visited, wondering, Why don’t they have all the books I want? Why are all the books they have so old? I guess this was because I never really experienced a large, quality library. But today, I adore libraries. I think they are indispensable academic and cultural resources, important community edifices, and special architectural spaces. I definitely would not want my life to be without libraries, and I hope many other people feel the same way!

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