Blendin’ and Thrivin’

September 15, 2009

Dear Caitlin,

Like you, I really enjoyed Brendan Brazier’s talk at the Vegetarian Food Festival this weekend. In fact, I was inspired. Although I had always thought generally positive things about Brendan and his “Thrive Diet” since you turned me on to him, hearing him speak on Friday really convinced me that he’s on to something, and something that I want to try myself. Not only is his diet philosophy intuitive and simple, it also seems particularly well suited to someone like me with the busy and tiring schedule of a full-time student who also exercises on a regular basis. So at least for the next little while you’ll probably be seeing me trying to incorporate Thrive Diet aspects into my own diet.

Deciding to try out the Thrive Diet, however, did finally convince me to get a blender, a decision I’ve been contemplating for months now. And as of today, my first day with my new blender, I can confidently say that I’m very happy I finally got one. That is to say, I have many tasty blended eats to share with you today!

First up, my first smoothie: a green, kale smoothie:


Here’s the close up:

Smoothie Close Up

This was the perfect drink for after my run this morning. It did basically feel like drinking a salad, but I was okay with that. Also, the recipe made enough for about two glasses this size, so I got to save some for later on in the day too. Unfortunately, this smoothie turned out a little too watery I think, and by the end of the day my remaining smoothie was just too diluted to drink. But I liked this a lot, and I was very happy with my blender’s performance—it chopped up everything in there like magic!

Next up, I made a new dressing and a new dip with my blender! First, here’s the dip (sorry about the poor lighting):

Creamy Ginger Dressing

This is Creamy Ginger Dressing, with a little extra tahini and nutritional yeast thrown in to make it thicker and more dip-like. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty smooth and could definitely be used as a salad dressing. I, however, enjoyed it as a dip, with some green beans and grapes to do the dipping:

Lunch Snack

This was so much more amazingly delicious than I ever imagined it would be. The dip went great with both the beans and the grapes, so great that I had another plate of green beans later tonight. And now I’m out of green beans…

Moving on, the final blender concoction of the day was a new salad dressing, Cayenne Dill Tahini Dressing:

Cayenne Dill Tahini Dressing

Despite its name, this tastes most strongly of balsamic vinegar, with a little extra kick in there coming from the cayenne pepper. This at first made me nervous, since I’m not the biggest balsamic vinegar guy, but despite this, and despite its sludge-like appearance, this is a solid salad dressing. I used it to top off today’s wondrous midday salad:


It’s so wondrous, it needs a close-up:

Salad Close Up

Later tonight, I made one more thing, another staple of the Thrive Diet: energy bars! Except by the time I had finished processing all the ingredients together I didn’t feel like shaping them into bars and so went the easier route of just making energy spheres. They looked like this:

Energy Spheres

They’re refrigerating now, and I’m really curious how they’ll taste come tomorrow, but judging from my many spoon and spatula licks, they will be awesomely delicious. I was most impressed by how sweet these are, since there was no sweetener of any kind added. That’s the power of fruit for you.

Finally, there were a few other things that I ate today that didn’t get pictured for reasons of their mundaneness, but for the purposes of full disclosure I will list them now:

  • A banana
  • The final slice of “meat” loaf
  • Several slices of bread (I can’t yet kick the bread habit. Plus it was there.)

So that was Day One of my (sort of) Thrive Adventure! Tomorrow will hopefully see some more fun experiments, hopefully with similarly pleasant results.

Until we eat again,




  1. I recognize that countertop!

    This blog is so “awwwww” romantic. But it’s also pretty bloggeriffic.

  2. […] been a while since I last blogged about vimbits, but rest assured that I’ve been continuing to make and eat them on a regular basis. […]

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