Cooking For One: Magical Loafs

September 7, 2009

Dear Caitlin et al.,


When one is cooking primarily for oneself, sometimes it helps to plan in advance and keep your fridge stocked with some quick ‘n’ easy options for those times when you’re just too busy or exhausted to make a meal from scratch. But when eating healthy is also a concern, microwave or pre-made meals are not an acceptable option. So what, then, is one to do? One great option is the magical loaf!

To me, Sunday is the day for loafs. It’s really the perfect time; the simplicity and ease of preparing a loaf seems to coincide perfectly with the idleness of any proper Sunday. Plus, and this is the real advantage, loafs are the perfect way to use up all the leftover groceries and foodstuffs you have sitting in your fridge and pantry.

So what do you do? Well, first, go to this website: The Magical Loaf Studio. Currently, this amazing web resource is not exactly what it used to be (due to the lack of CGI-support on its new webhost), but it still has all you need to know to make yourself a tasty—and totally original—vegan loaf. It’s simple! Just combine your choice of protein, carbohydrate, nuts & seeds, veggies, liquid, binder, and seasonings, mix ’em all together, and bake!

The loaf I made this past Sunday was an interesting combination, unlike anything I’d ever made before. Here’s my list of ingredients:

  • PROTEIN: Red lentils
  • CARBOHYDRATE: Red quinoa
  • NUTS & SEEDS: Ground almonds, sunflower seeds, and pepitas
  • VEGGIES: Onions and mushrooms
  • LIQUID: None required
  • BINDER: Flaxseed meal
  • HERBS & SEASONINGS: Basil, thyme, sage, oregano

This turned out very interesting; not the best loaf I ever made, but with some Tonkatsu Vegetable Sauce squirted on top, it made for a tasty and protein-rich meal. Here’s the obligatory close-up:


The one bad thing about this loaf was that it didn’t keep shape very well, although with loafs this isn’t a big deal, especially if you’re not serving them to someone else and thus worried about presentation. Mine kind of just feel apart on my plate:


The best part about this loaf was that I’ll still probably be able to get another three or four servings from it throughout the week, making it perfect for me as I begin my first week of classes!

I hope you all enjoy making your own magical loafs, and I’m sure I’ll have more magical loafs to share as the semester continues!

Until we eat again,



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    A proud tradition! 🙂

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